Supreme Tribunal stopped the case against PCB

In turn, chairman Sergei Kalyakin PKB insisted on consideration of this case, since it viewpoint "Accidents do not have new things to this case. "
Ministry asked to suspend the operation of the Party of Communists of Belarus. Conflict between the ministry and the opposition Communists continued from July last year. The party claimed to transfer to the Ministry of Justice list of its members: they say, you need to check whether it has one a thousand people. Under current law, it is the minimum that is needed for the activity political party in Belarus. The Ministry of Justice reports that one and a half thousand tested about two hundred signatures invalid.
On Friday, February 2, opposition Communists filed with the Minsk City Department of Justice Tribunal to the executive committee of the capital, which is already three times the urban party refuses to register a company. The presence of the party organization in the capital — an indispensable requirement political party, it follows from the new law "On Political Parties. "

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