Swiss plane Intracom GM-17 Viper

Development of the company "Technoavia" led by Vyacheslav Petrovich Kondratieff
Manufacturing — Smolensk Aircraft Plant

According to the company's employees for directional stability, manageability and gliding qualities of the competitors at the aircraft GM-17, no. The payload, which is more than 1,000 kg, two times higher than the nearest competitor aircraft — TVM «Socata», M-101 "Gzhel" and the American aircraft DXL. Of course, half the cost of transporting 1 kg of cargo for 1 km. For the same same amount of goods loaded on board our aircrafts, gliders quality is much better, making it more secure in the event of an engine failure. Turboprop TBM-700, manufactured in France, worth 2.68 million USD. Price of Russian "Gzheli" without the autopilot and the standard navigation and piloting equipment 1.25-1.60 million Intracom, sold two aircraft with a set of equipment that allows to fly at any time and in almost any weather, with an autopilot, a toilet, a bar , television system, etc. by 0.86 million USD. In this case, the cost per flight hour is 102 U.S. dollars. It is also greatly reduced the cost of transporting kilos of cargo or passengers for 1 km. Since the payload aircraft GM-17 twice on the market of aircraft take-off weight of up to three tons, therefore, the cost of carriage of goods or passengers at the rate of kilogram-kilometer twice below.

In Switzerland, at the airport, "Paya" will soon begin construction of aircraft assembly plant. But what is most interesting, the technological ease of fabrication and high performance characteristics GM-17, obtained during flight tests, suggested the idea of creating the basis for its whole range of aircraft take-off weight of up to 3,500 kg. Wing keel, stabilizer, landing gear, all control systems, power supply, etc. remain the same and are made using a single snap. The only change is the fuselage, engine, cabin and flight-navigation equipment.

Currently in the design stage is eight-passenger turboprop aircraft with a pressurized fuselage lengthened GM-17 XL «Viper XL», ten-devyatnadtsatimestnye and turboprop airplanes with unpressurized cabin GM-10 «Pegass» and GM-19 «Pegass 1", a twin-engine turboprop devyatnadtsatimestny unpressurized cabin aircraft GM-29 «Pegass 2", a training turboprop aircraft GM-12 «Combat», which is when the appropriate equipment is transformed into a light attack aircraft — aircraft fire support, etc.

For mixed-where what to do:

Car NISSAN — pridumanyh not have all the details of the made not with us, but we have tied up with a screwdriver — whose?

The aircraft we have invented, the first batch of 30 aircraft will be assembled in Smolensk, then sets will be delivered to Switzerland, and there skruchivatsya screwdriver.
The Swiss manufacture of screwdriver open our high-tech products.
(Plane somehow harder Nissan and costs under $ 1 million)

If the composition of beer (or drugs) is not invented by us, Bought imported equipment, but it is necessary in our territory and served by foreigners.
But the output glue label Old Miller (Rus) — is proud occasion??

If the design of the aircraft pridumanyh us, the details of the manufacture of our equipment,
and twisted and glued label GM -17. I think it's a much bigger reason to be proud of.

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