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Once a year, grows the number of people registered in drug treatment service. However, official statistics covers far not all. It is recognized and reversed three weeks the new head of the Ministry of Health the psychiatrist — Alexei Alexandrov, who spoke to journalists now on prevention of alcoholism in the country.
Currently in the country on account of drug treatment costs about 283 thousand people. Compared to last year — an increase of about fifteen hundred. The psychiatrist believe it — the result of an act of State applets to combat alcoholism, 2006-2010. Deputy head doctor of the Minsk City Drug Dispensary Alexander Alishevich number filed, how much is registered through the town of Minsk:
"39 thousand today, and about 37 thousand — in the past year. I would have rated it as follows: Municipal approved programm prastymulyavala quite active drug treatment services. And now we have to have growth. Specifically, due to the fact that the Municipal programm works. Because I am convinced it’s active work. "
Increased significantly and the number of ladies, consisting on registered drug treatment — by 3.5 thousand (currently registered — 48,824 ladies). Chief Narcologist Ministry of Health believes Alexei Alexandrov:
"With the ladies always difficult — there is quite a strong brand, a shortcut lady who abuses alcohol.

If alcoholism is an illness — and that attitude should be as a disease like hypertension.

Because ladies usually turn to Narcologist much later, and because they often have a more languid step dependence. But this does not mean that the relationship is heavier ladies. And here just question — to revise stereotypes. If alcoholism is an illness — and that attitude must as a disease like hypertension. "
Number of drug treatment clinics increased, opened two rehabilitation units — in Minsk and Grodno. In all drug treatment facilities are anonymously healing from alcoholic addiction, without registration and limitations of the patient, for example, in driving. Chief Narcologist Alexei Alexandrov said:
"In the future, the scheduled opening of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center" psychiatry — narkalegiya ", which will take on what scientific support, which may be, we are still not enough."
With 2008 approved a new state in: currently in drug treatment service is sure to psychologists, social workers. On all State applets to combat drinking and alcoholism provided huge economical means. Moreover, some designs — such as so referred "Metadonavuyu aaplet" — financed Consulate Office in Belarus.
The journalists’ questions, as the psychiatrist assessed that grows every year creating alcoholic products that deputies to This time not adopted the law banning raspitstsya soft drinks in public places, the chief refused to answer the psychiatrist to say: this policy issues, rather than prevention.

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