Tanya Kozyro hopes to stay in the U.S.

She stated this in an interview with the California edition.
"Santa Rosa Press Democrat" According to counsel the girls, the U.S. State Department allowed Tanya more long stay in America.. Meeting with Borisov schoolgirl, which in December will celebrate 17 years, the official Minsk specially sent to Petaluma Spokesman
Paul Shydlovsky, Belarusian diplomat declined to comment on any details of meetings about the girl and family Zapata. According to sources close to the negotiations, a variety of options open a discussion. In including and then, that Tanya after her return to Belarus again allowed to travel to the U.S..
Tanya Kozyro
that in an interview with reporters also refused to voice some details still noted: her decision to remain in the United States — unshakable. Regardless of the steps Belarusian side she will live with the hope that I might be coupled with expensive for her patented. "Maybe people in Petaluma, that have good heart, usvoyut me "- says Tanya Kozyro. She knows that for nine years, calls the "mother and father" Debbie and Manuel Zapata. His actual words of the Pope she had never read. She is very proud that she has 18-year-old sister Ashley and two brothers — 20-year-old Marine and 5-year-old kid who walks in kindergarten. His life in Borisov, in the same house together with dependence on alcohol and drugs dad calls it terror. The only person close to her there — my grandmother. Tanya calls her every day. On the phone with my grandmother-guardian is contacted and diplomat Shidlovskii. Meanwhile Debbie and hired a lawyer Manuel Zapata girls
Christopher Kerosky
said that the U.S. State Department has already given permission for a long stay in America Thani, in accordance with the current tourist visa. Representatives of the official Minsk do not agree with this decision and insist that underage Belarusian citizen must return. "If she stays here in the U.S., it will create a very scary precedent for other kids," — said the representative of the Belarusian Embassy in Washington Oleg Kravchenko. — "Neuzh that family would be sent abroad own kid, knowing that he will not return?" — The diplomat said Kravchenko., Tags: usa, tanya

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