Tanya Kozyro return to Belarus?

August 5 Borisov schoolgirl has not arrived in San Francisco airport, where was vorachivatsya in Belarus together with a group of kids after staying within applets recovery. Belarusian authorities have claimed, that the South American side withdid everything measures in order to the girl possible quickly returned to their homeland.
Tatiana relatives do not exclude that the girl without the help of others decided to remain in the United States. She is eight years in a row came to rest from Borisov in Petaluma in the same family. From relatives of the girls, it became clear that her mother, when Tanya was a year old, gave her own mother in law on education.
Tatiana’s aunt beheld girlfriend almost 15 years. She said, "Freedom":
"I beheld girlfriend exclusively in childhood. This is my sister’s daughter. She gave birth to her, she was with us here and there to years old. Later she gave her mother in law, and we no longer beheld … Since this mother" .
Leonid Kozyro, which accounts for the great-niece Tanya said "Freedom", which traveled to Tanya thereto included. The woman said, that she loves South American family:
"I beheld him almost before leaving for America … Well, what she do in the coming here in Belarus? There, it is seen to it are even better. She went there for eight years. British language learned there. It said that they take her as his own daughter. She comes from there … While accustomed to our Belarusian life after, there beheld … Well, you yourself admit. "
South American edition>
"Santa Rosa Press Democrat"
said that a woman has filed documents to the immigration office to extend the guest visa. Belarusian Foreign Ministry blames the South American side in violation of treaty obligations and requests to take all necessary measures to recover as much as possible frisky lady home.MFA says employee
Maria Vanshyna
"The situation with non-return of the girls that was with a group of kids on a recovery in San Francisco, is a violation of contractual duties. Belarusian kids were in the United States under a contract concluded between a public international association of charitable initiatives honey" Medicine and Chernobyl "and American charity" Project : "Children of Chernobyl". In accordance with this contract, the South American organization undertakes to ensure timely return of kids and those who accompany them to the Republic in full prescribed applets recovery. Violation of obligations under the contract is invalid, even more so that we are talking about a minor and her guardian is in the Republic of Belarus. This situation poses a swing safety of other kids allocated for health purposes in the United States. In this regard, we continue to interact with the United States to resolve the issue homecoming minor citizen of the Republic of Belarus and look forward to the forthcoming assistance from the State Department, California State authorities and other competent authorities of the United States to address this issue. "Group of 24 people to this time is in the U.S.. Since youyears was postponed, there technical difficulties to ensure all seats on the same flight. The Foreign Ministry said that during the day the kids go back to their homeland. That still regards the return of Tanya Kozyro Borisov, there is no clarity yet., Tags: usa

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