Telepolis: Summer promotion sales in the last dictatorship in Europe

"In recent months, the management of Belarus took a specific course on economic changes … Belarus, but — the only post-Soviet country dominated municipal form of economic and accessories where as oligarchs in Russia, made thanks to the "feral" privatization, simply does not exist. Shred personal sector in the gross national product of the EastEuropean countries is about 25%, and the property of the richest Belarusians measured in millions, not in billion dollars . "
According to the German edition, "Belarusian authorities convinced that the privatization process will take place uniformly ordered, and it will help prevent wildly unpredictable and privatization. " In turn, the "Director of Belarusian companies are afraid that Russian capitalists buy up everything in the country."
While the Kremlin sees in Belarus, with its present large monetary dependence on Moscow, Russian province and hopes eventually to "alliance", Lukashenko, under German analysts, seeks, on the contrary, to prevent a similar scenario. Because writes Telepolis, «Western capital also has a good chance for the development of this latest post-socialist« Terra incognita »in Eastern Europe." Belarusian government have fundamentally Western investments as a counterweight to Russian influence.
According to the German edition of "capitalism can fully coexist with authoritarian structures." Similar observed in China and some other states. Obviously, the greatest in the red from latecomers systemic transformation will again be the population in Belarus can prepare for the process of pauperization.

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