Text of the interview with Alexander Furs KGB officer


Served in the original language)
Vladimir Ghalashki: — Good morning. Have a seat. You know, we always meet and only one. So everything is fine … (Bad heard. — Ed.) … How then-nibudt again — you.
Andrew Basko: — Alexander, well, for you it means …
Alexander FUR: — Let’s introduce myself: I — Fur Alexander, engineer of GDS.
Andrew Basko: — But ah well! I — Head of the KGB Kobrin Basko Andrei Antonovich.
Alexander FUR: — That you have called me, I think?
Andrew Basko: — Neuzh that you have such a small memory?
Alexander FUR: — Well, I do not remember … I remember that, I think you called me … It was your agenda?
Andrew Basko: — Yes.
Vladimir Ghalashki (Not stand) — What’s wrong with memory?
Alexander FUR: — Well, not with memory there (referring to the KGB. — Ed.) All young. Watching that all look the same.
Andrew Basko: — And, here you say that? ..
Alexander FUR: — Yes … (Laughter. — Ed.) Even similar certificates.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — Well, fine, fine …
Andrew Basko: — Alexander, in general, the meaning is not a secret that you have a special account are. I do not wish for you to discover something new. Right?
Because we provide a socio-political stability in our society, our city measured, we do not need any shocks or can be any means configurations in terms of destabilization of society. In the light of future political developments wish to clarify your place in it. In other words worth of anything you expect something? Aware of?
Alexander FUR: — But if you understand me, then I know that there you have a dossier on me. Here, at times … Read
Andrew Basko: — We barely remember you.
Alexander FUR: — Yes? Excellent. I think that you beheld, that no law, I never broke, always acted within the law.
Andrew Basko: — Never brought to administrative responsibility?
Alexander FUR: — What you lured me to administrative responsibility … Certainly, Since none of the 1st witness was not. Neither the 1st of those guys that I asked him to show me who’s reading what I gave to you I have not shown anyone.
Andrew Basko: — Excellent, excellent. Well, take that into account.
Alexander FUR: — So there I say that I did not violate the law. Acting within the established law. But what, for example, to me March 23, 2008, I think, you know, police officers came to the deputy head, the same Konanchuk and sought Subscription that I will not leave for the weekend — I think this is also incorrect. It is not constitutional.
Andrew Basko: — Um, um … But l outlook for the coming elections will be: What is your role?
Alexander FUR: — But if, of course, I will act within the law …
Vladimir Ghalashki: — Sasha, so let’s … You now includes active in the election campaign as a candidate for deputy or not? There is the intention?
Alexander FUR: — The intention is.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — There.
Alexander FUR: — Yes. But my intention is always Adkrytae. I am always open to dialogue with all. Always mine, for example, programs — certain, there is nothing illegal has never been, and I hope never will. Conventional always provisions speak out so that the dates for the people. There, speak out so no own any ambitions.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — You’re not the first time you try to go to candidates. You do not choose, well, why not go there once a climb? Let’s calm down. You do not have the electorate.
Alexander FUR: — But we have an electorate, the electorate is very powerful, strong, stern electorate. Yes, in the town of Kobrin. But the problem with most of the vote count.
Andrew Basko: — Well, Alexander, you barely not control the situation, something is wrong. (Bad heard. — Ed.)
Alexander FUR: — No, okay, okay.
Andrew Basko: — We really keep on the pulse of the electorate.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — … Which Kuczynski, Zazulina (a local businessman, the candidate for Kobrin district number in November 2004. — Ed.).
Andrew Basko: — For God’s sake, we can even deal for you this officially, well, not officially, means … But you do not have the electorate here. And every year you lose, lose people’s trust. Maybe at first you had some interest.
Alexander FUR: — I think that up in front of all happening.
(The conversation is interrupted by a phone outside. But here is resumed.)
Andrew Basko: — Question such — anything you are with us, you are against us anything, that’s all!
Alexander FUR: — I mean — to you? I have always thrown away, I do not know if you’re against me, means, it appears that you are up against, and I’m always thrown away.
Andrew Basko: — You do not generalize.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — Come on, come debate …
Alexander FUR: — I realized: you have come here to tell me I did not run participated in the elections. So coming out?
Andrew Basko: — I did not come for this.
Alexander FUR: — I’m just saying that I have always acted according to the law, under the current legislation.
Andrew Basko: — What lure you to administrative responsibility, you do not agree. The fact that you have 5 percent — that’s us, certainly, povinet.
Alexander FUR: — Certainly, yes. There, speak out so that was cooperated.
Andrew Basko: — And the organization of the delivery channels, and spread it all go wrong? Yeah, well. We will not engage in here, I have no time.
Alexander FUR: — What is literature? What is literature? Orlov works?
Vladimir Ghalashki: — That means our conversation with you in our office is informal. No you did not cause the agenda. We decided to talk to you again. I was Dark (local favorite Belarusian Party of Communists. — Ed.) He’s hurt you. At last your collection, open a discussion when the topic was Akinchits should go (meaning the candidate of the UDF. — Ed.). Our eminent doctor, who now works in Poland more than here, but you brought from Pinsk …
Alexander FUR: — Where-where?
Vladimir Ghalashki: — That I am to you in 2-words. And you strangle them by a majority vote, the more so for a buck took Signatures.
Alexander FUR: — Vladimir Mikhailovich …
Vladimir Ghalashki: — It is …
Alexander FUR: — First time from you hear such things. First time I hear that someone is sulking Since, as I understand it, do not know who told you that, but do you mean about the extension or what?
Vladimir Ghalashki: — I’m just talking about the fact that your electorate grows. Well NOT support experience. Communist they say that you are fooling them. Past elections have shown that, in general, NO … You yourself vidish.
Alexander FUR: — Vladimir Mikhailovich as you can, I’m sorry to interrupt you, how you can impale someone when I Even in their eyes beheld.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — I was not there.
Alexander FUR: — I just do not know what is most fascinating about what you reads me?
Vladimir Ghalashki: — Speak to black.
Alexander FUR: — Last time I beheld the Dark four years back.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — You begin again the same thing every time we verify that, yes, in general, I calm down. Yesterday you got a warning, I think we should work and family put on the map for any non-recurring political ambitions, knowing that you will not pass anywhere. And what if you pass in the deputies we ANTONOVICh Andrea fired from his job? And he and I immediately. Not pass. You people do not support. And even more if you choose Between Zozulya and then support Zozulya. Zozulya more on listening. In Zazuli more plainclothes position. Zozulya etc. because of his own work is more work, more promises, you can not do this. In other words, it is more active, in other words at a listen
Andrew Basko: — It is your right.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — And to me that’s right, speak out, not very much.
Andrew Basko: — It is something else all. NOT bare in ways you work.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — Do you think the administrative — it is not legitimate. Police came, do you think that is not legitimate. Come on, let’s soothing, and we live together. But you’re gonna do, tell them so, political struggle, but on the second cast, and not in the first faces. On the second cast anyone and you do not need. But here, in our neighborhood, and that again to someone out there worried that you take away some votes … Especially since the recent statement by Viktor Kuchinsky Frantsevich Kobrin roused, and in general anyone here do not. After meeting with the president here is a statement about the development of our town … But here, and old and young will go and vote for Kuczynski, it’s clear. Well, you’re smart people, I do not know what you want? Make some noise here, to show off. That task is made all for himself in that number.
Alexander FUR: — Vladimir Mikhailovich …
Vladimir Ghalashki: — I do not understand …
Alexander FUR: — Vladimir, I think I’ve always said, that in our society there are difficulties, and, unfortunately, no one decides. The problem of the same contract system when you can just take and not to extend the contract, and the person is unable to work. As though what Officer. Me speak out so worried that is in the system money. Here in this system we live, we live, live your kids will live, I hope your grandchildren. This system, we have made for ourselves. I believe that this system correctly, Since today is nothing decent in our society and our country does not work.
Andrew Basko: — Well, the money is already gone SYSTEM reform.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — I’m not special education, even though I worked there five years. And what other way there, tell them so? Proclamation … Certainly by the opposition movement to express?
Alexander FUR: — I believe this is the only way, when some position product conforms to hear, as all other positions they simply did not hear it.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — Excellent, excellent … Means we have agreed with you or not? That I may know what to do next.
Alexander FUR: — Vladimir, I have always said, that I will act within the law.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — You force me to act within the law. You simply force: choose Between this and work. I’ve already … How many years of working together and talk, and yet somehow you have behaved quietly. Second education — all gave the company, and no matter what you can not complain.
Alexander FUR: — But I was trained for the company. I believe that, on the contrary, raised office in the sight of …
Vladimir Ghalashki: — Many such-not bad lads who are trained well. Excellent, but true … But here are two of us and two of us will act according to the law. In this case, you lose.
Andrew Basko: — Exclusively within the law.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — Sasha, you lose in life. Neuzh you should put on the map is not so little?
Alexander FUR: — I think you always have to think about the future.
Andrew Basko: — Well it is true, we also think about it.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — Well, we do not choose you. Guaranteed. Well, then what?
Alexander FUR: — I think still something will change in the country.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — Something will be, but after the elections in Kobrin you a job no one will. Neuzh something you do not understand?
Alexander FUR: — I understand that.
Andrew Basko: — Poland will take.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — In Poland, Poland — take.
Andrew Basko: — Belarus is unlikely.
Alexander FUR: — And what have the Poland?
Vladimir Ghalashki: — A Since you will be unemployed simply. You’re an intelligent person, you wonder what you’re doing? You will not earn what you will feed the family? Personal case you do not open. In Kobrin to work for you, no one will. This full alles! Where you climb, what will you do — young, healthy, educated, energetic spices and man, a family man? NOT quitter, not a drunkard. Odd jobs will be interrupted? Sasha, do you have time to reflect, speak to his wife.
Andrew Basko: — I have no further questions.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — Me too.
Andrew Basko: — Thank you.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — Job.
Andrew Basko: — I think you forget about me, how come. Right?
Alexander FUR: — If you insist, I run you remember, I remember you.
Andrew Basko: — The fact is, if the article appears in the web, you know how it is, then, I’m sorry, I was also under the law ever made. Uh-huh. I needed almost two words to hear from you. To me this is enough.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — Excellent, Sasha. Go and work.
Alexander FUR: — Vladimir, sign me to a request for obtaining sheets mat. operation.
Vladimir Ghalashki: — Work hard and think, think, think, while there is time. I am your disgusting … I do not advise If necessary, at any time of me will come and read.


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