Thanks to the «relicts» Algerian T-72 will be the most secure options «semdesyatdvoek» in the world

Thanks to the
With a fleet of 325 T-72, the Algerian command looks for a long time, or by whom it was possible to upgrade their «semdesyatdvoyki.» In the end, the choice fell on Russia.

Upgraded with the help of Nizhny Tagil 250 T-72M1 multi received sight «Sosna-U» thermal and automatic target tracking, sight commander’s TKN-4, remotely controlled anti-aircraft machine gun.

Apart from this, the list of options includes new means of communication, elements of a complex optical-electronic suppression «Blind» and the air conditioner.

Military professionals, but amazed that the Algerian upgraded T-72 was not equipped with dynamic protection. And now, it seems, this defect is eliminated. And, apparently, specifically Algeria will provide a state which tanks get massively dynamic protection last generation «Relic». This protection is able to withstand as most modern armor-piercing shells, tanks, ammo available in the third world, and the latest cumulative ammunition, including tandem.

If the «Relic» mass will be installed on the Algerian tanks, they will be the most protected and Variations «semdesyatdvoek» world. Hunting hopes that similar protection and receive modernized Russian T-72, which until nedavneshnego time equipped with outdated «Kontakt-5».

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