That Lord Bell will return a white-red-white flag?

In the case of Timothy Bell expert does not exclude positive note — the Lord is England, which in almost all spheres of civilization has the prototype:
"I do not know the Lord and his psychology. If he as they say, studied at Carnegie, then still can not imagine of any bona fide moves. But here in general is nothing new except for "truth", "conscience", "sympathy". And these reasons, I do not know how he can check here.
Why this lord, if the current administration and it should not be aware of: talent — talent is there, and not lack of talent, better natural conscience than nesumlennasts. That he will return to us white-red-white flag? That he will return a language? Agreement Lukashenko, so he left it on his own as the law at least 50-50? If Lukashenko is no prophet in his own homeland itself, and no it can not be on present day influence, then this may affect the sovereign? He still from the UK, which is based on reverence for himself for himself in history. Complicated history with the same Scots — look, they vzaemaadnosyatstsa civilized. So, if it is civilized, if the European way, then God forbid, even if his light hand we get what what we aspire to. "
Reporter: "But, apparently, for a civilized country such PR and not useful?"
"Of course, that was not useful. But apparently, in order to the country was civilized, they can seek out and exit from different places — from Lech Walesa to Lord Bell. Maybe they Actually so interested, so we’ve got everything was civilized? Who knows … "

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