The adoption of Christianity: civilizational choice or treason? (Audio)


Priest-old Kryvets standing over Volovei lake in Polotsk, looked at splyundravany burned the city to the defiled temple, mountain stones, of which appeared of weird build. With tears and hatred he said own pupil Vaydilu holy truth about the past and the strange, from his point of view, criminal — today. Russian princes were the first with a team who — the world who — Slavs who — hazaryn or Greek, from around the world zbrodny military people. Came with fire and sword and huge misfortune local people did. Burned and defiled old man’s sanctuary, cut a huge amount of men, ladies and raped brides. They were together, and the priests of the Greek or in their language — Russian belief that salvation vosled carried unfortunate and spoiled by war and violence, in the faith of Christ, the faith of all the suffering and injured. From what became our holy land are not saints — Krivsk and — Russian. Whose? Russian princes. What? Russian faith.
It was three summers from last visit Giperbarei Greek Apalenam.

Todor Kashkurevich: "In fact happened more difficult, but the fact is that — with the adoption of the Greek Russian Christianity BALTa our forefathers — krivichi, drygovichy, radzimichy, Lithuania, Yatvagi, nalshchany, Dainava — hence the Russian steel and uniformly changed their Slavic language, lost officially his old man’s sacred tradition. "
Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "Just Do hard Belarusians went from paganism to Christianity?"
Kashkurevich: "I repeat: our people only became known after baptism Russian or Belarusians. A transition to the latest faith occurred differently. Polotsk, for example, which has not been officially announced by baptism, both in Kiev and Novgorod, Christianity included uniformly though not without violence. Recognizable fact that famous Prince Witch Vseslav if what reason, was calling for the council itself "vsih bishops, magicians and sorcerers" which had in your own backyard. Lofty Prince Mindovg many times perceived baptism, then west, then east, then again to an old vorachivalsya faith. Jagiello did act of baptism by violence, criminal inviting Poles iznichtozhit Vilna Saints groves splyundravavshy Holy fire, killing snakes Saints. But it was all the same acts policy provisions state. Rural people remained in their own an old belief, formally navesivshy the neck cross. "
Rakytskyy: "Do you think that the forefathers of modern Belarusians baptism as perceived insult that in the latter days of paganism became ideologues pershakryvday? But at the facts of this history has not recorded, as, incidentally, and violence associated with the baptism of Polotsk."
Kashkurevich "And pershakryvday and pershazdraday. Pershakryvdy From some reason actually Belarusian history begins — from the fact that violence against Rogneda zabitstsem and her father Prince Rogvolod representatives Krivsk pagan priestly dynasty. Later Rogneda-Predslava the kid Izyaslavom betray the faith of the fathers and adjust missionary activity on our lands. "
Rakytskyy: "Hardly candidacy baptism. With the arrival of Christianity on the continent has changed civilization place. Could be in the center area Pagan Night?"
Kashkurevich ‘candidacy was baptism — the physical extermination of the local folk. And that would be the reaction of the civilized world on inakshasts.U certain sense can justify pragmatic steps in this direction our princes, but the sharpness remains constant question of moral and ethical side of things — about betrayal . Rubbish can not justify betrayal spiritual values of their fathers and grandfathers. Even more — and our land was sacred center of the old Indo-European peoples — curves Giperbareya. And is Jerusalem in the heart of Europe? "
Rakytskyy: "If I understand you correctly, you think that Christian culture is squeezed, exterminated archaic (pagan) tradition. From my perspective, it is not quite so. Belarusians can be more for other European nations, which for centuries have cooperated and pagan, and Christian traditions. What does this mean? Hitretsky people? "
Kashkurevich "Hitretsky and wisest. Not happiness — from failure. And I would say even more tricky. So, Christianity has become a reality among the elites, the nobility, clergy, philistinism, but ordinary people had no idea of the difficulty of the dogmas of the faith, even more so, theological zavarushek. It has retained its ancient knowledge, rituals, cosmological views, ethical laws, well, in prazdnichkom attend chapel — is sacred. But, according to folk beliefs, Christ, as a shaman, who was born in a tree at a decent owner (valachobnitstva), Saint Peter land unlocks holy Ure "I Rosica-fertilizes the earth, well, on the" Beheading of Saint Joan Hristitelya "- Galavasek in our , you need to cut the cabbage. filed But examples — is not an illustration of illiteracy. On the one hand, real life-wisdom, on the other, — the drama of outsiders and survival instinct. "
Rakytskyy: "And if you can call that a pagan traditions kept in Belarusian culture right before a day or? And if they have a good result? What is it?"
Kashkurevich: "In 1-x, pagan tradition at the end HHstagoddya came from the village and took her place among the modern elite. Contribution modern scholars (culturologists philosophers etnolyagav) in the study and reconstruction of the old model of the world — a real renaissance pagan tradition of theology . fruits of this labor in the development of the basic values of civilization, not imported from anywhere on our land. Regarding the rural environment, here — the source of our emotions sprakavechnay that paetyzue, worshiping our landscape and man through song, order, ornament. "
Rakytskyy: "Prospects for the existence of paganism in our time seem utopian …"
Kashkurevich: "They are less utopian than all other religions in the era of technocratic civilization. Become again the gods, and not slaves of God, to build our world on our holy mind to do what shta gods did at first, when did the universe. The appeal to idolatry in our modern mehanistychny Time wasto be a big mistake to create any reality reconstruction of past eras, romanticizing the Stone Age, as is often done both supporters and critics. Normal culture, spirituality fundamentally can not be written in a linear time, they are always up to date. At least some sense of religion is the preservation of the classical endless and unchanging values. A purpose — to translate these ancient values in life. "
Rakytskyy: "Imagine for yourself that baptism would not be in the Belarusian lands. JustViva to civilization? What happened to her? "
Kashkurevich: "If Christianity would not be so impatient to other faiths, the could to introduce yourself to a situation akin to Japan, where syntaizm is the state religion with majestic cultural status. Incidentally, fans and syntaizmu and Buddhism are not denied for yourself to use a computer or a car. "
Rakytskyy: "But this is Asia. And Belarusians — Europeans …"
Kashkurevich: "Is not the main feature of European civilization is a betrayal of his own shabby spirituality? In a sense, certainly — yes. Initially Europe itself has lost its classical religion, and later start do it by Worldwide. Destroyed civilization of America, for example, if you do not stand to their places appeared modern large city with a homogeneous, unified population. "
Rakytskyy "fail. As a result of the fact of a thousand years ago, we have? Pros and cons, in your opinion, a supporter of pagan traditions?"
Kashkurevich: "From the above spoken must be emphasized that safety is ins pagan tradition and the current cultural situation in the country. Look, how zlaslivastsyu still nedavneshnie villagers deny language parents throw, destroy all manufactured arms of their mothers and grandmothers. Incidentally, the same both burned an
d desecrated Christian chapel, built at the moment that those mushrooms church in a terrible, not inherent in our tradition of Russian style. "
Rakytskyy: "Belarus is one of the European civilization. Based in including Christian tradition and the accumulated tremendous cultural achievements that have become basic, primordial. Do not hesitate to say that one of the defining features of the Belarusian culture, art, literature, life in the end — we have the beginning of a Christian. Cost generally now read about a return to that from which refused or rejected that a thousand years ago? Christian world, and together with him and Belarus millennium go in a certain direction. "
Kashkurevich: "Your question will answer the question: if you know that the mass (or community) to move towards the abyss, whether it makes sense to strive together with him, to be like everyone else?"

Exalted spiritual force Polotsk high. Those who sought to book, shining like a star. Language, one state, yet only contact. World perceives us as one people palachantsy. "
Danuta Bichel-Zagnetova. Poem "Euphrosyne of Polotsk"

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