The American response to the Russian veto on the Syrian resolution

The American response to the Russian veto on the Syrian resolution
Another veto of Russia and China, imposed on a resolution on Syria that (resolution) was vigorously pushed into the UN Security Council by the United States, failed to throw flegmantichnymi U.S. congressmen. After a while, after Moscow and Beijing had a veto antiasadovskogo new project, a lawmaker from the U.S. House of Representatives Jim Moran was the man who had to find a method for RF revenge. And Jim, we must admit, has worked out well. It, of course, the Republican head light idea about how to brand Russia that supplies to the Syrian regime that gun. His words on that, quote, «in Russian firm that participates in the murder of thousands of innocent Syrian guys, ladies and children» can not take a weapon, has worked on all righteous American legislators because you have to. Under this Russian company should be aware of «Rosoboronexport», which according to the representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry does not counting air defense weapons to Damascus has long been not deliver.

But is fiery speeches after sovereign Moran now someone will listen to Russian Foreign Ministry. Is anyone in the U.S. have enough common sense to understand that air defense, to put it mildly, difficult to use to fight «peaceful protesters.» The disc that started Jim Moran, with the usual anti-Russian hiss has played bravura march under which marched up virtually all lawmakers in the House of Representatives. Proposal to prohibit the Pentagon to buy Russian equipment was met with a bit if no fun whooping, reflected in the results of the voting: 407 voted for a ban on parliamentarians and against — five. It would be interesting to find out who went into this «brave five», which has desired to participate in the sabotage of democratic principles, the sovereign sown Moran …

In general, American-style revenge accomplished, the truth must be said that the idea to ban the Pentagon to trade with Russian companies in terms of buying guns has been in the minds of U.S. congressmen and earlier. In particular, fanatically devoted to South American weapons lawmakers said that taking military equipment from potential enemy — whether it is sensitive or evil thing that can undermine the defense capabilities of the United States. But the ban has not incarnated in reality, as the fire the age-old South American greed, when he wanted to buy cheaper somewhere later to third countries (for example, the friendly Afghanistan) put in the form of fraternal assistance and thus wash decent amount. Corruption schemes clearly manifest themselves on American soil, which until now for many is an example to follow …

But in today’s case law Jim Moran South American legislators had to support, so do not lose their own democratic person poedennogo bolshennymi corruption pockmarks. Hence such rare unanimity: already 407 «for». People outsiders to loaf that sit in the House of Representatives, not two, but one faction. In fact it is, as the division of Democrats and Republicans in the South American Parliament — a traditional illusion of a multiparty system, and when the one and the other force behind are almost the same person with a huge bag of greenish notes.

After the ban on the Pentagon will abandon purchases from «Rosoboronekporta» class helicopter Mi-17. But the deal with the South American defense department Russian company accomplished before the «bright» idea came sovereign Moran. According to the Associated Press, the total amount of so-called helicopter contract for the needs of Afghanistan was almost 640 million dollars. For this sum Moscow had put Washington 33 Mi-17 helicopters for the upcoming transfer them to Kabul. After signing the contract Our homeland has managed to send 21 helicopters to the U.S., but the fate of the other is now in limbo. Of course, the South American lawmakers try to do everything to Our homeland has been receiving money from a South American military budget, covering all the familiar screen of the struggle for world democracy.
Who should expect that the Pentagon be forced to shift to the Inter-arms market. And even despite the fact that the supply of Russian helicopters to Afghanistan for the Yankees was much more profitable than buying South American production technique, specifically now on their own producers and the Pentagon will be reoriented, temporarily forgetting about the good profit that could do with contracts with «Rosoboronekportom.»

In this regard, the figure is indicative of another South American lawmakers — Roses Delauro, which co-sponsored the project Moran. Delauro — this congressman from the state of Connecticut, in which (state) in an unusual confluence of events placed the head office of the American company Sikorsky Aircraft, seeks to build helicopters. Of course, that is the face of Mrs. Delauro keen to promote the idea of ​​banning cooperation with the Pentagon «Rosoboronexport». Now, apparently, the top managers of Sikorsky Aircraft Corp will have to share their quarterly bonuses with their own «Wild Rose.»

Moran and his project Delauro immediately decided to destroy 2-birds to punish Russia for its tough stance on Syria, also try to select the Syrian market under pretexts, of course, universal democratization that look, very little, just funny and cause respects except that only people, which has long been clouded mind «the great American dream.»
Well, let Americans such makarom Moscow for its intransigence on Syria somehow punished. A major cities as well democratizers world gather to punish China, which also vetoed the resolution on the Syrian dilemma. In this case, legislators and Moran Delauro offer worth prohibit South American companies to buy Chinese products and one hundred percent pass to purchase only their own products. Yes only such law nor Moran nor Delauro one on the head is not a pat, as at the moment the U.S. economy is so much is dependent on Chinese imports that congressmen need to sit quietly and below the water grass with their ideas to avenge China for its intransigence.

In general, the South American demarche at the moment is more like trying to arrange a storm that first knock on monetary interests of the Yankees. Well, they still do — you need to somehow continue to splurge in the form of attempts to prove that the United States — the superpower, although its economy and bursting at the seams at any financial slope, and its army continues to kill innocent inhabitants in Afghanistan under kind of zeal for democratic victory. Well, with Moran Delauro must somehow work their salaries …

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