The buffet in the canteens (video)

War is war, and the lunch routine. Shilovsky conscript soldiers of the garrison had food for the first time under the new system: in army canteens now "buffet". The diet has changed slightly — rabbit and oysters soldiers, of course, do not submit. But it became more vegetables and soup, meat and side dishes to choose from now. Raise whether olives morale?

Since the soldiers of the garrison Shilovsky special lunch today. In the soldiers' canteen today firmly established "buffet". From the usual buckwheat, potatoes, meat and pasta. But now dishes to choose from. In addition, there were unexpected new items, such as unusual soldier's stomach olives. The new system of power in the army is based on the right choice of dishes. As an experiment, Buffet already tried in military health centers and schools. And now the power without restrictions gaining momentum across Russia, including in the compounds of the Novosibirsk garrison.

Soldiers share their impressions:
— Diversity has become more! Prepare the same, but it is nicer looking.
— Well wanted to, I took it.
— When you eat, the mood is lifted, but it all depends on the mood. Especially in the military.
— When I come to a citizen, I will tell my friends that are so well fed. And they'll go into the army to serve.

Number of approaches to the distribution is not limited, but overeat in the army is not accepted.

It used to distributor hefty ladle at a time imposed colleagues artless soldier's stew, and you will get the meat or not — depended solely on him. Now the choice of four salads, two soups, three varieties of the second. And on the second to put a double portion of meat, and now a draftee can choose a combination of your choice — two meatballs or two pieces of chicken, or a combination of both.

"Norma number one, she stayed. Minister's order has not been canceled. Norma number 1 — all the same products, just more combinations, more range. The emphasis is on quality. That it should be, — meat, fish, whole grains — all the same. In the winter, as before, the plate conscripts more meat and garlic, "- says Oleg Mokin, head of food service military unit.

So began to feed a couple of years ago in order to avoid massive respiratory epidemics. A buffet breakfast is not covering the Ministry of Defense, and the third-party organizations. A new system of food all the connections of the Central Military District will move this spring. As long as a fighter after such a hearty meal relies hour of rest, but soon all the barracks will be a special tea rooms.

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