The Chinese are already appearing arrows

On the evening avtorkavy Chinese with 14 medals (9-3-2) a strong lead. One of the trump cards of Chinese athletes — shooting in including and archery. In shooting disciplines have already hosts 5 awards.
Such prerequisites of success are obvious. Chinese themselves say experts trained in these disciplines is conducted over the years. Usually not in urban tsirah and away from the eyes of men somewhere in the highlands to the Clean Air Act. My interlocutor argued that China’s shooting championship not only not inferior to international competition, and maybe even exceeds them. Usually the domestic championship attracts thousands of shooters. Easy to imagine the amount of such konkurentnst midst athletes. In general, the Chinese have yet to aspire to, because most of the shooting exercises while never behind.
Meanwhile not always on top in Beijing local weatherman. After yesterday’s rain, which came virtually all light day in the weather forecast for the Chinese capital was listed rain. Because now hundreds of local residents and visitors to the Olympics in the morning stocked umbrellas. And they are not useful. In the capital of the XXIX Olympic Games as before warm and wet, and the sky is obscured by fog. I can not here, because the organizers of the Olympics in advance take care to industrial enterprises remaining in the capital, not smurodili world.
It seems that at the moment comes time to take souvenirs: urban transport and streets can meet many people with the mascots of the Games. After all, a part of the athletes who were at the Games, had already departed home. Tags: Olympics, Beijing, shooting

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