The crew of the newest corvette Courageous has spent artillery firing

The crew has been accepted by the Baltic Fleet corvette "Courageous" held in the Baltic Sea artillery firing at sea targets. As the press service of the Baltic Fleet, shooting under the command of Captain Sergei Lipsky were successful.

Now corvette "Courageous" is factory sea trials, and within which the crew made artillery firing at sea surface targets. They were shooting in the sea of 100-mm artillery system, recently mounted on the ship. The goal was amazed by.

In the near future crew will conduct firing of all weapons, to conduct air defense exercises. In addition, the planned flybys corvette naval aviation BF, including landing helicopters KA-27 on the deck of the ship.

Recall, the crew of the newest corvette "Courageous" arrived in Baltiysk Feb. 4 to continue the test ranges of combat training. In March, the ship will proceed to the state tests, after which will be a part of the Baltic Fleet.

"Courageous" is the third project in the multi-purpose corvette warships. It was launched in the "Severnaya Verf" St.-Petersburg April 15, 2011. Five years earlier, the launching of the corvette "guarded", and in March 2010 for the tests proceeded, "savvy". Planned to build another five corvettes, "Perfect", "Persistent", "Loud" and "Frisky". Name of last corvette is not yet known.

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