The crews of the MiG-29 SMT successfully completed the exercises to intercept air targets

Crews Kursk Aviation Group of the Western Military District has successfully completed the flight tactical exercises, during which fulfilled the various ways to intercept air targets, as well as the forced landing of the plane — the offender conditional airspace. The press service of the cooling zone.

According to the scenario exercise the crews of the MiG-29 SMT were suddenly raised the alarm "Action stations" with the objective to destroy not respond to requests simulated enemy aircraft. To take off in pairs with one of the military airfields of the Kursk region, fighter air group carried out the detection of air targets at the far turn and made electronic launches missiles "air-to-air."


In the role of the imaginary enemy were the crews of fighter-bombers Su-34 Voronezh air base, which during the "dogfight" actively use all the features of their newest combat vehicles.
Feature of the exercise was that the Voronezh and Kursk pilots conditionally attacking each other, actually did not know about the plans of the "enemy", the place and time of air strikes, and acted in as close to the fighting.

After the convergence of aircraft used cells passing maneuver of air combat, the most of the characteristics of aircraft in the elements of complex and aerobatics.

Finished working off exercise coercion violator aircraft airspace to land at an airfield in the Tver region.

Results of flight and tactical exercises in the skies over the central region of Russia will be announced in the near future, after decoding means of objective control installed on airplanes.

Currently, the MiG-29 SMT and Su-34 flew to airfields permanent base.
Just exercise involved about 15 aircraft MiG-29 SMT and Su-34 transport aircraft WEST, teaching participants made more than 40 sorties.

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