The crews of the ships of the Northern Fleet completed the unloading of equipment and property on the island of Boiler

Today the group of ships of the Northern Fleet has completed uploading the island Boiler oversized cargo, engineering and special equipment, and the property needed to build the aviation commandant Russian Air Force and Air reconstruction of the airfield.


As the commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Vladimir Korolev, whose flag the Arctic trek passes the squadron SF, "the personnel of the detachment ships of the Northern Fleet, the marine units and Marine Engineers, the Federation Council, the crews of naval helicopters Ka-27, in close cooperation with the crews of helicopters Mi-26 Army Aviation Command Air Force did everything necessary to ensure that as soon as possible to perform complicated operation to deliver bulky cargo to the island Boiler ".

Currently force detachment ships of the Northern Fleet continue unloading on the Arctic island of diesel and other fuels and lubricants (POL). Seamen have yet to deliver on the coast about 400 tons of cargo.

One of the most difficult elements of the operations of unloading began shipping to the shore of special units, of which the island is created Boiler-fabricated apartment complex. More than a dozen of these blocks were transported to shore with support vessels with pontoons and towed boat landing, and then on the external load relocated to the camp site by helicopters Mi-26 military aircraft.

More than 50 flights crews made shipborne helicopters Ka-27, were also transported to the external load fuel in containers and other cargo.

In parallel with the operation of unloading on the island Boiler equipped with a field camp to accommodate the Marine Corps and the SF frame mounted heated tents for temporary accommodation of the personnel of the aircraft commander's office, deployed satellite communications system and a medical unit. On the runway of the airfield Air began the restoration work.

Along with the standard equipment on the island Boiler also taken samples of special machinery — articulated tracked aerohody terrain vehicles and hovercraft. The personnel of the aircraft commander's office has already started to experiment with this technique, especially in heavy traffic and climatic conditions of the Arctic.

The transition unit, consisting of 10 warships and support vessels of the Northern Fleet to the New Siberian Islands archipelago began September 3 and lasted for more than 9 days. During this time, ships and vessels were about 2,000 nautical miles. More than 400 miles on the transition seamen overcame a difficult ice conditions, accompanied by four icebreakers of the State Corporation "Rosatom".

Hike squadron of the Northern Fleet in the Arctic is conducted in accordance with the plan for the resumption of the regular presence of the ships of the Navy of Russia in the strategically important regions of the world ocean. Video providedTV channel "STAR" (18 +)

Press service of the Western Military District

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