The evolution of quality

Consumers say that the daily comprehensive work on the quality of LADA gained momentum — today's "Priory" or "Kalina" is much better quality analog previous model years. The belief that our cars are bought solely because it was cheaper to have lost relevance.

"Luxury" equipment of the same Priory at a cost of close to foreign cars, but if you look at the sales statistics for the first 9 months of this year, it is clear that this car is picked nearly 90,000 people. Is a foreign brand can boast of such a market share of a single model?

Quality — the concept of comprehensive, and when we say "good car", we mean along with the quality and workmanship as the safety, comfort, operation and service. Over the past few years of VAZ cars have evolved in all these areas.

— Ten years ago, we had problems with corrosion resistance to the older models, but today the situation has changed — said vice-president of AvtoVAZ for Technical Development Yevgeny Shmelev. — From model to model on anticorrosive received increasing attention both from the point of view of the use of metal-coated, and from the point of view of the special treatment of the places most prone to corrosion. Today, "Kalina" and "Prior" high degree of corrosion protection. Also, in the meantime implemented significant steps to improve security. A large amount of work has been done to strengthen the body — Today our modern cars are equipped with airbags and seat belts with preload and limited efforts.

Against skeptics who question the safety of "Lad" of the modern model line, there is a compelling argument — VAZ export products to Europe, where very strict standards of security. And if the market is officially sold LADA, after going through all the stages of certification, it means that our vehicles meet all safety standards perspective. By the way, in the crisis year of 2009 in Germany, a country where the highest level of automotive industry, has sold more than 4,500 LADA. It is unlikely that the inhabitants of the civilized European state, scrupulous in matters of security and demanding quality, would buy cars that do not meet their expectations.

— "Kalina" and "Priora" faithfully fulfill the European requirements for frontal and side impact, — says Evgeny Shmeliov. — In a manner similar to EuroNCAP, the safety car LADA Kalina is located on level 4 of "stars" and the LADA Priora only slightly below 4 "stars."

Markedly increased VAZ cars and equipment options. Today the list of options on the "luxury" trim — ABS, dual airbags, full electric, parking sensors, electric and heated door mirrors, heated front seats, athermal glass. In addition, in the near future it is planned to equip "Kalina" a navigation system, upgraded engine management system, radio, safe parking system, electrically heated windscreen with automatic switching cleaning. "Prior" will also get a navigation system that will be installed as standard from the beginning of next year. Also next year will be upgraded engine and transmission.

New models of AvtoVAZ — LADA Granta and R90 — a priori to be a higher level of quality. First, when the system is the production of a new model of the upgrade process affects the entire production complex (stamping, welding, painting), which immediately sets a high level of manufacturing the car.

Second, right now at the stage of preparation of these important projects is radically different approach to the quality of supply. One of the key points — participation of suppliers in the development of the car. The division of engineering effort must be present in the work of the factory with all suppliers, and now independent development of components involved in only part of the subcontractors — others may be involved as partners or engineering consultants with the necessary expertise. The main result that is important for AvtoVAZ — a car with a corresponding study of engineering and quality.

With the nomination of the new models, in particular, on budgetary LADA Granta, Russian AvtoVAZ trying to choose suppliers to foreign companies coming into the market, creating a joint venture with them and shared technologies. Management believes that the Togliatti plant, in two years the number of providers that meet modern requirements, will exceed 30 percent.

When working on new models will be applied and the design approach (new organizing principle of teamwork, when formed project team and the project manager is appointed). This method also has a positive effect on product quality and reducing costs, since there is a clear division of responsibilities and personalization. For example, the project LADA Priora was achieved in 2010, a significant reduction of costs — more than 200 million rubles in 2011 agreed on measures to reduce the cost of 164 million rubles.

28.10.10 / Samara Review
Anastasia Skavronskaya

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