The headquarters and offices on wheels

The company "GAZ Group"Mobile staff introduced systems for the Russian Interior Ministry and the Federal Migration Service at the 15th International Exhibition"Interpolitex-2011. "


In addition, the exhibition "GAZ Group" forward-looking SUVs, including the machine-terrain four-wheel drive car based on the "Sable" GAZ-27527, intended for the organization of the Ministry of Interior in impassable areas, and fire tanker and tractor made in the new Heavy truck chassis "Ural-6370".

Roll control room staff on the basis of "Business Gazelle", made for the Interior Ministry, can be used as an operational headquarters during public events, as well as to work in remote areas. Ergonomic tabletop space with modern office equipment, communication system and sound equipment allows you to work and hold meetings in the route, and at bus stops, and to coordinate the actions of police compounds directly from the car. In the car, a safety deposit box for weapons, cabinets for storage of personal protective equipment and professional equipment.

Mobile Office "Business Gazelle", made for the Federal Migration Service, is designed to transport personnel and technical equipment to places of service users, as well as for the reception of citizens directly in the car. Autonomous systems of power and life support machines allow you to work in any climatic conditions. Beauty is divided into the client zone and for the staff. The machine is equipped with comfortable seating for employees on the road and at bus stops, office equipment, additional lighting, wireless communication system, refrigerator, household compartment.

"GAZ Group" — the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in Russia, brings together 18 industrial enterprises in ten regions of Russia, as well as sales and service organization. Produces light and medium commercial vehicles, heavy trucks, buses, cars, road construction equipment, power units and automotive components. Is the market leader in commercial vehicles, occupying about 50 percent of the market of light commercial and heavy-duty four-wheel drive vehicles, about 70 percent of the bus segment, over 40 percent of engines and more than 65 percent of the segments of wheel excavators and motor graders.

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