The latest Russian torpedoes will have artificial intelligence

The latest Russian torpedoes will have artificial intelligence
SAINT-PETERSBURG, March 19 — RIA Novosti. The main task of Russian torpedostroeniya in this step is the installation of a new underwater guns artificial intelligence, in other words, a digital information management system (ECMC), said to RIA Novosti on Wednesday the chief designer of the torpedo weapons in Russia, the general designer of the plant «Dagdizel» Dr. Shamil Aliyev.
In Russia, celebrated March 19 day submariner. The other day at the St. Petersburg municipal Marine Technical Institute accomplished a festive ceremony awarding the noble title of Doctor «Honoris Causa» Honoured Scientist Aliyev.
«New Russian torpedoes are equipped digital information management system that will allow these weapons to cooperate within the functions of Scouting, watch lzheinformatora and natural means of direct destruction. Such a system already at the exit, it requires the introduction Eager «- said Aliyev.
According to him, the torpedo coming — an artificial mind that you want to bring to the human brain, and even go further. «Now the task — to bring the very artificial mind torpedoes, working in the criteria in which the presence of man is unrealistic, for example, at a great depth. There are other areas that have gone out of print and are completely hidden, «- said Aliyev.

As an example, he recalled the development of Russian scientist Andrei Kolmogorov world’s first machine with artificial intelligence «Pancrate.» «This device could accumulate all the knowledge that the designers put into it, this is some database as a person, some knowledge capacity. In other words very approximate artificial intelligence to the human brain. Such and must be the torpedo coming, «- said the academician.

He stressed that at this stage able to do the main thing — to draw attention to the supreme military and political control of the country on the need for the creation of ideology torpedo guns in the country. «That’s what we did and go on,» — said Aliyev.

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