The new U.S. president will not build market socialism

November 4, in the United States Presidential election of the country. The main candidates — John McCain, a senator from the Republican Party, and Barack Obama, a spokesman for the Democrats. Up to this topic:
Man: "Everyone imperative Belarus politician need to understand that in America who would not have come to power, the municipal market socialism direction will not build because it is bondage for the people."
Next question on presidential elections in Belarus:
Man: "On television, past and present deputy Davydko, or he let out, but no one corrected when he said that we had in 2010 is important — will be presidential elections. Maybe really outplayed and will choose the president in 2010? Specify, please" .
Question clarifies Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik:
"The presidential election we conducted two months before the expiration of options. Period features starts with the inauguration. Inauguration was on April 8. Means presidential election should be no later than February 8. Around this time period comes opportunities deputies of local councils. Specifically : elections were held on January 14 — is, until 14 December will be elections of deputies of local councils. Naturally, two elections for such a small gap of time — this is a very big burden not only for the organizers of the election, and for the voters, it’s huge cash costs . Because we, the members of the CEC, we believe that it would be appropriate to combine the two companies. But since the election of deputies can not be held later than mid-December, it will be necessary before a presidential election. That is until such purely theoretical considerations. "
Recently "Grandfathers" members of the Conservative Christian Party BPF 2-detained minors who breaks the crosses were. Within 10 days, employees must find Borovlyany police to initiate criminal proceedings against them. All this time attackers remain at large. Expressions listeners:
Man: "Thank God sovereignly that opened these vandals. Every day asked God for justice, to show those vandals who repeatedly breaks the crosses — symbols of Christianity — in Kurapaty. Vandals Those who were detained in Kurapaty servants of God in the breaking of crosses in the end of his life did not ask God: "God, give your documents that you are God," because God’s light show all the evil of their doings through their earthly life, we did. "
Man: "With regard to hooliganism and vandalism need to read the names — it’s kids whose grandchildren — and constantly. And the police need to do so that they do not, the police ran after these babies, and their ancestors, but with an ax."
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