The opposition has no consensus on Congress

Congress of Democratic Forces appointed on March 17-18. Applications for rental owners sent seven large halls of Minsk. Concert hall "Minsk" and the Palace of Culture Automobile denied rentals, while others have no answers. Consider the option of Congress outside the country.
Central Auditing Commission has not yet graduated from the verification of signatures that potential delegates gathered. Some signatures have caused hesitation. This situation explained to the chairman of the Party of Communists Belarusian Sergei Kalyakin:
Kalyakin: "At the present day, according to my information, the Central Commission has approved the possibility of observation of 530 delegates to the congress. And more than 170 are still pending. Someone was refused because the lists of invalid ".
To This time is not defined and the content of the Congress. According to one member of the political council, someone wants to take a "small constitution" or the candidacy of values, and someone wants to change the favorites.
Over policy instruments working group headed by Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Alex Lord:
Hurt: "The basic idea — Congress should become a kind of peradparlyamentam which legitimizes the united opposition responsibility for their acts. This just zeal and regional structures that would not want reincarnation Congress in dispute over the leadership, and want to unification under the scenario of action and change. "
According to the organizing committee chairman Alexander Bukhvostova, unity unavailable:
Bukhvostau: "Some wish to Congress, others are not willing. ‘Cause is a certain excitement around what Congress be or not to be. But we uttered: to be, and we hasten training."
Relative political council, which will meet in the evening on February 2 to discuss these questions, Sergei Kalyakin said:
Kalyakin: "I think it would be considered — we are going to hold a congress, we will play games on? If Congress will not — it will be stated that there is no political council, no one present can not, and will need a brand new configuration that will be made, here will include those who wants it. "
According to the chairman of the political council Milinkevich, Congress should consolidate the opposition and secret ballot, to choose a favorite, which all comply.
Milinkevich: "If Congress does not vote favorite, and will work on a rotating basis, I think that is a big mistake. Never in the dictatorship of rotation did not win. And now, indeed, many people have even future delegates to the congress, the question: is it worth to collect such Congress. I took the decision not to while. And my terms: Congress must be legitimate, there should not be people who got on the wrong signatures to the congress. And, in-2, it should help to consolidate. If he is hurt — not worth it. "

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