The opposition will nominate district commissions to the last

CEC secretary Nikolai Lozovik said, "Freedom", the commission recommended that the Central Executive Committees organize accepting applications in the coming Saturday and Sunday:
"That all subjects that have the right to nominate their own representatives were able to enjoy this right. I no doubt that all without exception, the commission will be formed in a specific legal term. Topics more than that entities that produce, rather, candidates and usually more than places on the commission. "
Coordinator applets "For free and fair elections" Viktor Kornienko states that democratic forces do not rely select their own representatives in all 6,500 polling stations:
"The overall results we do not sum up — until the 10th. And likely exclusively on Mon, and maybe even Tuesday, give them to the media. But now we can state that our pledges made from 1000 to 1500 produced. And can be and more.
The most active process specifically at the moment. I know that some still are only now beginning to collect signatures for nomination in the district commissions, as had previously been busy collecting signatures in support of the possible candidates. These processes came conjugate. "
Possible contender for the deputy’s mandate in uruchenskuyu constituency in Minsk Mikhalevich says that he previously took care of the nominees in the district commissions. Surrounded by 36 sites, said the emperor Mihalevitch:
"I think I’ll highlight one representative for each segment. They are ordinary people — teachers, doctors, housewives … The absolute best part — people with higher education. Many of them were already in the last election observers.
If managed to have 30 people in the committees, it would be very fine. I understand that some areas are meant war, for I will be closed. And there will be very take care of other, not pro-government candidates. But if all civilian areas, I was able to hold its own representatives, it would be a very good indicator. "

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