The problem of brain drain .. Germany

Segodnyaschy South American New-York times article about the dilemmas endeared so called "Brain drain" in the EU. When this is not a case of Eastern Europe and of unskilled workers. Educated youth, engineers, doctors, architects and scientists are leaving Germany for the best career and higher wages in the U.S., Canada, Switzerland or England.
He was exhausted from the high taxes
Here, for example, the story of Tom Benedict West Germany, an engineer who worked in the family business. He was exhausted from the high taxes, 80-hour workweek, problems of the German economy — which, although it develops, but far behind the U.S. economic level. Young engineer sent their questionnaires in Canada and flying to a meeting with the employer. If all goes well, will join him his wife and two kids — they are convinced that in Canada they can expect the best future and will miss except on German television and motorways.
The "brain drain" is Germany’s number one problem. About 150 thousand Germans left their homeland in 2005, — is 40 thousand more than in the past 3 years. Demographers warn of an aging population and the spices they say that there are not enough educated workforce that could change in 15 years who will retire.
Similar problem concerned and France, which only work in neighboring England left 300 thousand people.
Belarus: Youth leaving the country
While the governments of the EU countries are developing plans in order to encourage young professionals not to leave their homeland, Belarus declares that she prepyadstviya "brain drain" does not exist. Specifically so says Education Minister Alexander Radkov. During a speech at a conference of students and nedavneshnih public organizations in Minsk, the Minister said that "the Belarusian spetsy realize how hard reach of success abroad, even with a beautiful education" and that "a lot of attention is paid to support young professionals in Belarus."
Chairman of the World Association of Belarusians public "Fatherland" says Lena Makovskaya own experience of relations with Belarus from various countries in the world:
Makovsky: "We have at the moment in front of the problem that young people leaving the country. Unfortunately, not being such special consideration. And these people not always recorded, — those who leave the country or working here, in Belarus, on the orders of foreign companies. Few of those who leave, declares own departure. I know this because I have business with the Belarusians from different countries. There is such a thing as labor migration. People do not declare that they are moving to work in the same Russian or Spain because it is a question of wages, taxes … People are afraid that they will put pressure on their family. Were already such examples. "

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