The situation of political prisoners: weekly review

Favourite Social Democrats Statkevich filed a penal institutions Blon village, where he is serving "chemistry" with a request to allow him to marry his daughter. But not just anywhere, but in Germany. Youngest daughter Anna Statkievich finished institute, went to Germany to continue their studies in the magistracy. First March in Germany Anna Statkevich celebrate marriage. But, apparently, without a father.
Statkevich: "rhetorically asked the chief commandant, maybe if my trip there? And, of course, got the expected answer is that it is completely unrealistic. Topics more than that special services stated claim the policemen that I spent a very long time in Minsk when vorachivalsya holiday from his father. "
Recall that in January Statkevich the first time in several months on a day or two released in Baranovichi unhealthy dad. Vorachivayas PUKHOVICHY in district policies a few hours spent in Minsk and managed to meet with like-minded people.
On this week youth activist Arthur, is already serving "chemistry" in Mogilev, noted first in custody day of birth. Home to relatives Arthur police were not allowed, and not let prazdnichek noted in Mogilev. The young man spent an hour with friends at a pizzeria.
Previously, we reported that a few weeks ancestors Dmitry Dashkevich not received from him letters Shklou colony. And for a day or two — two letters. One of them read "Freedom" activist mother Olga Dashkevich.
Olga Dashkevich: "My works are normally without problems. Eventually got the curriculum of institutions and I will try to devote more time to study, in a very sorry nothing to lose 18 months of life."
I recall a favorite of "Malady Front" Dashkevich sentenced for activities of an unregistered organization.
Human rights activist Catherine writes Sadovskaya houses that commission will be held in April, which make out her chances of parole. Hope this event Sadovskaya Catherine lived for the past two months.
Lawyer Alexander Kozulin Igor Rynkevich had a meeting with his client in Vitebsk colony, where since September last year held policy. Here that reads Rinkevich regarding health Kazulina:
Rinkevich: "With regard to health, the uniformly Kozulin out of the hunger strike, although there was a moment when he fell ill and another spin seen that before This time there are difficulties. And so it is better. Now that’s got dairy food that he really helps. "
I recall former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin within 53 days held hunger strike. Policies reached the beginning of the discussion of the human rights situation in Belarus in the UN Security Council.

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