The struggle for land

7,000,000 20 acres
Although Ming prices still inferior to European and Russian (first, the capital), real estate development and trade of this day the most profitable listed. Of scope in this field indicates criminal case, of days on which I started listening to the fact of receiving bribes for positive decision on the construction of luxury village near Minsk. Cost issue — 7,000,000 dollars for 20 acres for future home. While it is unclear who specifically target funds. Preliminary findings (say, without the participation of city officials here could hardly do), lawyers Mingorispolkom dismiss. Although a crucial role in the regulation of the City Hall operational issues confirm.
Lawyer: "All first oriented direction of relations between persons who are interested to get an earthen put, persons to whom it is sent. And what is foreseen by legislative acts, in fact comes within the competence of the Minsk city executive committee — namely, to seize and to provide excavation plots or purchase those which are of belonging within the boundaries of the city limits itself, the town of Minsk. "
And we offer only the first and the ninth floor
The inhabitants of the adjacent street with the capital Tsimyarazeva lanes to discover experienced than can end the struggle for the sphere of strategic interests. A couple of years on their gardens under construction houses to luxury low-rise buildings. And in the past year, most of the inhabitants were ordered: old private buildings will be demolished. According to a local resident Olga Sidorova, future buyers cheeky prick and quality, and prices. Well, the proposed substitution of immigrants, not her opinion, inadequate.
Sidorov: "At first, they tore a piece of gas. Guess, cholera on you, what two meters … But, I think even I would not have built a terrible this" shed. "It’s not a house, it’s fucking real. Only" grandmother " rip off, and in 10-15 years it all falls apart. Indeed, only one building block! And believe square meter and a half thousand euros — not in dollars and euros. We also offer "enhanced plyanirovku", in other words, a toilet in the house. But only the lower floor, and the ninth. On the first of syrastsi suffocate, and on the ninth I need a crane, so the grandmother to raise. Indeed, the elevator was not working, and what the doctor will go on foot? And as it later? I did not even know what to do, nowhere no council. Only when some resonance. "
Bosses — separately
Past engineer of "Horizon" Oleg Sakovitch the middle of the 1990s took a bank loan and built a house in Khmelevtsov near Minsk. But states that municipal bureaucrats often built separately from the main mass of people and further from unnecessary eye.
Sakovitch "Chiefs lined up, skuchkavavshysya on such tricky areas away from the eyes. For example, on the shore of the Sea of Minsk. Pabudavalasya How many are there? Whole bunch! Tipo banned the construction of water protection zone. But they’re very well built and feel. They far from roads. Their only local residents of closely spaced populated Fri know but do not resent. Why? Since there hiked gas laid asphalt, conducted the usual lighting. Delivered massive transformer substations withdid everything, as it should be. "
But as stated Oleg Sakovitch specifically home everyday people who are in transport arteries, often irritating to have ordinary truckers that electric trains are moving on their classic 6 acres.
Sakovitch: "We This is the meaninge suffer because they were tied to the thoroughfares. All four cottages, which were built around Minsk tied to thoroughfares. We, for example, tied to the station Khmelevka. According to many characteristics of the place is beautiful. But we are in sight of all. And specifically, we started to poke a finger. People moving in the train (I myself hear it all) and they say: look, what bastards cottages set up for yourself! What cottage? Does anyone know what all this blood to build? "
Most inaccessible to the ordinary mortal for today is a complex of luxury construction in thrush. It is here built and continues to build higher municipal bureaucrats. Free sale Drozdovskaya estate actually not.

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