The United States accused Iran of supplying bombs Iraqi terrorists

Senior representatives of the South American commanders on Sunday briefing in Baghdad showed journalists explosives, fuses and sophisticated bombs with excipients able to penetrate the armor of modern tanks. According to U.S. intelligence, the entire arsenal has Iranian origin and enters Iraq in the hands of Shiite warriors contraband ways.
A couple of times Yankees managed to catch smugglers Iranian materials created for the production of very unsafe bombs already in the Iraqi countryside. With 2004 such bombs involved in the murder of 170 American fighter. That the number of terrorist attacks on U.S. and Iraqi troops with the introduction of such deadly bombs soon increased significantly, led U.S. commanders to disclose its own intelligence and information to show that the rocket press.
South American intelligence claims that smuggling explosives involved in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, which is subordinated to the Supreme Ayatollah Ali favorite Hamenei. And the members of this body soon detained in Iraq South American servicemen.
Views on the command of U.S. forces, Tehran plays its game in Iraq, wanting to harm U.S. interests.
Assesses the situation of military expert David Kleryzh London:
Kleryzh: "These statements are representatives of the United States not only in order to accuse Iran of seeking to play a role in the Iraq conflict. Amerikosy long been concerned that the intensity of the action in Iraq Iranian intelligence that Iran is seen in abuchenni and real support Shiite warriors in Iraq . Discovering all this world, Americans rely on some international pressure on Iran, which would decrease its activity in Iraq. "
In the photo: the remains of the bus after the attack, Baghdad, February 1, 2007
Meanwhile representative of the Iranian embassy in Baghdad referred to the American side the latest allegations "fabricated and unsubstantiated." He noted that Iran has never engaged in operations against the coalition forces in Iraq and said that such accusations highlighting the address in Tehran, "the Americans are willing to make up for his failure in Iraq."
New reason for tension in relations between Iran and the United States appeared on a background of confrontation over Iran’s nuclear programs from.
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