They love white people

[Img =] for a white person overriding reason not to have a television is the ability to tell Tom, Dick and Harry that he does not have a TV. [Cut] Long lonely nights, when head of the white man thought creeps in that it would be nice now to see American Idol, Lost and Grey's Anatomy *, he consoles himself with the anticipation of the next day when his friends are busy discussing what he saw , white people will be able to say "I'm not looking. Both my TV is not present. brains He has only faded out." A very effective tool to make other white people feel like second-class citizens, and be proud about yourself to choose the right way of life. However, such people tend to fill my life with endless conversations with friends about how they do not watch TV, staring at the sheets, reading books about the liberal political movements and campaigns for concerts, demonstrations and poetry slam. All this makes communication with people is very boring and leaves little or no common topics of conversation. In a conversation with white people NEVER even hinted that perhaps the white people make the mistake of owning a TV that has some meaning. Try to divert the conversation away and let the white man tell more in detail what exactly he'll excel.

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