Thirty years of illness

What are the symptoms disease?

As with most diseases, hemorrhoids does not start suddenly. Prior to the acute stage of the disease is usually marked by a number of symptoms peculiar harbingers of disease. These include:


  • foreign body sensation in the anus, and the severity of itching in the anus,
  • pain;
  • constipation;

But the most striking symptom of hemorrhoids, is bleeding from the hemorrhoidal veins

Risk Groups

Of course, hemorrhoids does not appear "out of nowhere", there are certain factors that contribute to its development.
Thus, in the first hemorrhoids develops in people who are overweight and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle — such as the employees of IT-sphere, managers, accountants.
Also at risk are those people who often experience great physical exertion — bodybuilders, weightlifters, builders and m n
Also, do not forget about the fact that hemorrhoids can develop in women, or during pregnancy or after childbirth.
And the last group those patients whose hemorrhoids is a symptom of an illness. Unfortunately, in this case it is a tumor or inflammatory processes in the intestine and liver.

Approaches to the treatment of hemorrhoids

Modern medicine offers two basic methods of treatment, a surgical and therapeutic methods. If a surgery will tell you in detail doctor, and who will produce them, it is quite successful drug can be used alone, in consultation with the attending physician. Of course it is better not to start the disease and to begin treatment in the early stages, when the chances of avoiding the surgeon's knife is very high.

How do medications?

The main objectives of drug therapy of hemorrhoids, is the elimination of pain, prevention of the formation of the haemorrhoid, the elimination of the inflammatory process and of course the prevention of recurrence of inflammation.
At present, despite the fact that there are many analgesics are effective in treating hemorrhoids, doctors prefer the combined drugs which have both analgesic and anti-inflammatory and thrombolytic (prevent thrombosis) effects. These include drugs such as "Ultraprokt", "Prokto-Glyvenol", "Gepazolon" and others.

Feature rectal suppository "Gepazolon" in that they contain the three basic active substances:

  • heparin which prevents the formation of blood clots (this is one of the major complications of hemorrhoids);
  • lidocaine, a local anesthetic has a good effect;
  • prednisolone, removing manifestations such as itching, burning, expressed thanks to the anti-allergic effect.

Complex action of these components allows for their preparations not only in the treatment of hemorrhoids, as such, but also in diseases such as fistula in the anal area, eczema (itching that can occur in the perianal region), as well as in combination therapy in pre-and postoperative periods.
Of course, as with any medication they have certain contraindications and side effects, so before applying you should consult with your doctor.


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