This fabulous Viatka!

The Curious Case of founding of the city on the hill Kikimorskoy, picturesque embankment of the river Vyatka, Alexander Garden is beautiful, breathtaking legend Razderihinskom ravine unique architecture of the provincial Russian city of Kirov, majestic Cathedral of the AssumptionTrifonov monastery,
amazing destiny of great people associated with the city over the Silver River.
During"Dreamlike World Games"participants visited several fabulous sites of the city, took part in the fairy procession at Theater Square and visited the"Preserve Tales"— The residence Kikimora Vjatskoj, which took place on the territory of the first World fabulous game in 2012. By the way, the festival — the studentThe national award "Russian Event Awards" in 2012.

Photo essay on the city pozdke Kotel'nich, familiarity with vyat dinosaurs and other wonders of the Kirov regionhere.

In the central part of the Kirov saved rectangular street circuit.
Vyatka land is famous for distinctive folk crafts. Dymkovo Toy Museum hosts a daily basis. 
Painted clay Dymkovo toy became a symbol of the Vyatka region.
Dymkovo toy engaged exclusively in women, and the tricks of the trade are passed from mother to daughter, from the masters to the pupil. Now the factory has 20 spetsialistok.
Master-class on making whistles. Each toy is unique and collectible.
Skilled worker took just 10 minutes to pottery whistled.
The unique work of "Feast of the Transfiguration" — a gift of the master plant.
Clay toys Viatka festive, full of bright colors and, at the same time, naive and sweet.
Of "Spring" — the oldest producer of toys in the country.
"Spring" is counting his labor history since 1942.
These toys made of papier-mache, stuffed with sawdust, were happy boys and girls 50s.
In the factory today is produced 1200 kinds of products: dolls, stuffed animals, board games.

Factory visit — one of the most popular tour itineraries Kirov. Every year, the "Spring" takes up to six thousand people. We start with a tour sewing shop-master here sew clothes for toys.

In this shop translate into future forms of plastic dolls.
In such a machine, "baked" rubber head.
Here the master sews the head hair.
The finished product is dressed …
… And comb.
And here are obtained such beautiful friends for modern kids certified to comply with all health regulations made toys.
Puppet Theatre Kirov.
The sculptural group that guests of the city will certainly photographed for memory.
Hotel "Central" in which fairy-tale characters lived and journalists to its name.
Alexander Garden was laid out on the occasion of the visit of Vyatka in 1825 by Emperor Alexander I. The official opening took place in 1835.
From the rotunda visible public beach on the Vyatka.
Monument to Peter and Fevronia is set in the Alexander Garden in the 21st century.
With these visual signs Kirov struggling with carelessness of residents and visitors alike.

Trifonov monastery with a five-domed Assumption Cathedral (1684-1689 gg.) Was founded by St. Tryphon Vyatskiy associate in 1580.

The festival "World fabulous game" opened with a procession.
According to the Theater Square of the city are fantastic heroes.


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