This mossy, Blackthorn

When equipped with a tank camouflage kit "Cape" (Moscow Institute of Steel Development), The probability of detection in the near-infrared day and night vision devices, and scopes, thermal imaging systems and homing (GOS) is reduced by 30%. In the thermal range of probability of detection and capture of a tank with infrared homing down 2-3.

Drastically reduced the visibility of the tank in the range of radio — the temperature of the tank with masking and the background are the same. In the radar range and probability of detection range equipped with "cape" tank snizhetsya in six or more times. Currently, in order to improve the protection of the WTO are conducted search operations in the framework of research "Cashin." These studies address the question of protection of tanks from the upper hemisphere. The thickness of the passive reservation roof of the tank is low and its further increase can not be due to mass limitations. MTO tank top is not protected at all. Area of the roof, which may protect the DMZ is not more than 10% of the total projected area of the tank top. KAZ today also powerless against submunitions WTO. In this regard, Institute of Steel proposes to solve this problem by creating a combined active-passive means to reduce the visibility of the complex. In general, the system should consist of the sensors detect weapons reaching is on top, the start system with aerosol grenades radiopoglaschayuschimi clouds and smoke compositions, system start-up ammunition directors electromagnetic interference affecting the guidance channel GSN ammunition WTO sets of passive means of signature reduction (IC "Shroud" , masking a network of RPM "Blackthorn" heat shields RTP-90). The main problem — the creation of sensors detecting the top, however, such work is being carried out successfully. This system will ensure through its multi-stage reduction of the probability of the destruction of tanks means of attack from above.

Radio-absorbing materials such as "bramble-TG"  The range of materials such as carpet "Bramble-TG-MO","Bramble-TG-MO-20","Bramble-TG-2MO"Is a modified material, such as"Blackthorn. "Operational wavelength range — from 3 mm to 30 sm.Ot base material" Blackthorn "a new class of materials," bramble-TG "distinguished by its low flammability due to the additional film coating formulations that prevent the spread of combustion. Another distinctive feature of the material," bramble-TG "is a superior functional characteristics as a result of optimization of the structure and geometry of the tinsel. use RPM class" bramble-TG "in a single-layer and bilayer versions — a cost-effective solution to a number of problems in testing radioelektronnnoy equipment, electromagnetic compatibility … Such materials at moderate prices provide functional characteristics comparable to those of expensive high-performance RPM and performance properties in some cases, unique.

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