This undisguised anger RF against Georgia

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Russia’s recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia and international reaction to the actions in the Caucasus — one of those discussions are listeners of "Freedom".
Man: "And why is that Russian salting raskomandovalsya Surikov, what you need Belarusians do? Yankees at least expelled. Why Belarus must do what he wants Moscow? "
Sovereign Volyus, Gomel: "I want to appeal to Medvedev. Listen "grayish Cardinal" and got: RF lost reputation and his political career. Need to think in his own head. "
Man: "Through the imperial policy, Our homeland dismembered Georgia and formed, as it once had read," banana ", or better to say -" tangerine "education, where most of the population were given Russian passports. This undisguised anger RF against Georgia. RF shame! "
Denis Boreyko in. Yurkovschina, Dokšycy borough: "17 years ago the Soviet Union split into 15 parts. U.S. And this division immediately supported. Currently Georgia divided into three parts. Both the U.S. together with Shushkevich voicing their protests. Because it is all aware, sire Shushkevich? "
Answers to the question Stanislav Shushkevich:
"Realize painfully simple: the border between the republics of the former Russian Union were identified, and all are independent republics, the number states, which merged into the Soviet Union. As for Ossetia, part of it belongs to the Russian Federation, and some — Georgia, and these boundaries are preserved from the time of the second World War I. So in the first case, no violations of the law was not, and there is no independent states was not. There’s still a long time getting ready, there is the UN decision. And there’s nothing here. "
Next listener asks the next question:
Sovereign Borisov: "There is a question of" freedom. "How Fund of the President formed and what do know about it ordinary parliamentarians? What is his limit? And whether Alexander G. it off and move to Venezuela? Either without the role of parliament, he can not do this could? "
Meets the last member of the House of Representatives, politician Sergei Skrabets:
"How is the presidential fund — that deputies do not know. How many funds, too, no one knows. Where do they go — either, because the fund is not answerable to anyone. It is clear that this fund supplement business, which contributes to the power itself, and that’s all which can be to say. "
Order of the control of the country affected by the explosion in Minsk on July 4 get real compensation. The expression on this and other topics — in the next call.
Man: "The fact that the victims August 4 be assisted, and the issue should not occur. Excellent, that the management of this to keep in mind and not forgotten. Only I would like to voice, on whose orders and who made this gangster crime. Immediately would say where the missing Yuri Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar, Zawadzki and others. Tell the truth at the request of veterans. "
Man: "political prisoners were released — Kozulin, Kim and others. The people they say: who planted them, he should sit down. But nobody has sat down."
Lady: "Even official media more raise the issue of alcoholism of our population. They, however, are silent, it becomes full. Intercessors order also clear that in most cases the most serious crimes committed drunks and drug addicts. It is not clear just why people in positions of authority, they pretend they do not know anything? "

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