This year, the school uniform dress all

Previously, this requirement applied only to primary school children. With what all high school return to the standard some clothes, and how to relate to this bureaucrats, teachers, children and their ancestors?
Uniforms at the moment is usually called "business style". Why he was initially introduced for the younger, and now for all students, interested in spetsa Agency for Education Ministry of Education Svetlana Prost:
"Business style odezhki — it fosters student. Makes it more organized, attentive to the educational process. There is information that it has an impact on the discipline. And in general, the ancestors are pleased that introduced a unified style for all students."
The Ministry of Education also recommended that designed and sewed uniforms Russian enterprises. As noted by Ms. Prost, it is necessary to keep under control requirements for quality tailoring, sanitary norms tissue modeling costumes etc.. So Makar, uniforms supply stores in 14 companies "Bellegprom" said deputy director Tamara Bukas:
"We are making jackets, suits, tunics, blouses, pants for girls. Also for boys: jackets, pants, jackets, vests, shirts and so on. And dark and grayish colors — all in accordance with the sanitary standards. 14 apparel companies — each of them has its own artist. They invent models, we coordinate and produce. Now deliveries performed at 140%. So Makar and excellent industry and certainly the population, too. "
What they say about the range and quality of uniforms ancestors, interested buyers who received new clothes for their own kids in the metropolitan department "Belarus".
Correspondent"What and for whom you choose here?"
Mrs."For my own son — he first graders. And for my daughter — she was fifteen years old."
Correspondent"As for you like the variety, quality and color?"
Mrs."I like the quality and color too. Brightest color first graders are not necessary."
Correspondent"What do you choose?"
Mrs."School suit for my daughter.’s No way we can pick up — lack of size 42. Also blue. We gymnasium, and there requirements — color. Just can not pick up."
Mrs."Naturally, I would not want that children walking in dark colors. Girls in particular. Well, for what it is — a dark color?"
Mrs."Not too early product range to choose to please. Contrast would like."
Do school uniforms by students and they love to wear it, I am interested in boys who have already revile her:
Correspondent"Do school uniforms for you?"
Urchin"No, not really."
Urchin"It is not comfortable. Do not turn around in it — on the shoulders of jackets are torn."
Urchin"And lubricate afraid, because if you really grease, then the next day not otmoesh."
Urchin"In jeans. As someone comfortable."
Urchin"To what wished that would have walked."
Urchin"Yes. But when teachers get bored with us for fighting, and even then do not wear."

The fact that municipal control over the release of school uniforms does not guarantee its properties, and says economist and father of many children Mike Zaleski, although in general it is not against school uniforms:
"The emphasis on municipal officials connected with the peculiarities of the industry lobbying municipal companies in Belarus. There is no hassle or health of pupils or hassle about quality, not counting the hassle of their own pockets. Indeed bureaucracy associated with enterprises by ordinary very real dependencies. Not in the sense that someone gives something to someone, and that is the exchange of services and some measures in favor of each other. I am not against forms, but against our own, making use of Russian. We is an effort to These facilities produce more kilometers tissues. A form must be social inventory, inventory upbringing. form can have different forms: the student cap, icon — it’s shape. A peculiarity they must show their learning. "
Belarusian-language website "Our Children" has a special section devoted to the topic of school uniforms. Judging by the statements of the parents, bureaucratic statement unanimous approval uniforms do not match reality, says one of the founders of the website Christina Vitushko:
"It would be nice, so in stores was a decent selection of some clothes that would correspond to the students by age, properties and prices. Discussion now reduced to the fact that the choice of such odezhki not. Televisions artificial fabrics that kids do not wish to wear. But often in the control schools ultimaticheskoy form that requests and uses very fine not blackmailing. Ancestors inferior because behold the that of the nervous system suffers kid.
Generally, once in the seventh grade at my school we organized a protest against school uniforms. In our school, it was canceled first 1990s. And it seemed to me that I said goodbye to her forever. And could not imagine to myself that I have to get school uniforms for their own offspring. I find it very frustrating, and I’m going to avoid this moment. "Tags: school, shape

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