Tire Complex Tatneft has put a million bus for Volkswagen

Tire Complex "Tatneft" has delivered a million KAMA EURO tires on the conveyor belt factory in Kaluga, Volkswagen Group, stated in the press service of "Tatneft".

 Car Volkswagen Polo Sedan, produced in Kaluga, comes with two models of tires KAMA EURO-129 and KAMA EURO-236 standard sizes of 175/70 R14, 185/60 R15 and 195/55 R15, which are manufactured at the production facilities of JSC "Nizhnekamskshina". These buses are equipped with all vehicle modifications.

Delivery million KAMA EURO tires on the conveyor belt plant in Kaluga — an important milestone in a fruitful collaboration, which confirms the high quality tire complex of "Tatneft". The first delivery of tires to the Russian plant of Volkswagen general distributor of tires Trading House "Kama", included in the group of "Tatneft", carried out in May 2010. Partnership preceded by an audit procedure the Volkswagen factory complex, the Scientific and Technical Center "Kama", warehouses, logistics and other parameters associated with the production of tires.

KAMA EURO-129 — a modern road passenger car tire with an asymmetrical tread pattern designed for use in summer conditions. KAMA EURO-129 is made of a new rubber mixture with the addition of silica, which improves grip on wet roads, extends tire life and provides comfort and confidence on the road.

KAMA EURO-236 — all-season tire. This bus distinguish four longitudinal grooves in the center of the tread pattern and the yield on the sidewall, which reduces the risk of aquaplaning. Similarly, a calculated location of the tread blocks helps a marked reduction in the level of "noise" of the tire.

Due to the special elements "bridges" in the transverse grooves of the tread reduced rolling resistance, and a new circuit breaker provides resistance to deformation of the tire and increase service life.

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