TITUS — new armored vehicle 6×6

TITUS - new armored vehicle 6x6
Opened on September 10, 2013 in London, an international defense exhibition DSEI 2013 French company Nexter Systems has introduced the newest armored vehicle TITUS (Tactical Infantry Transport and Utility System) 6×6.
On its own concept car TITUS is gaining popularity in the near future in the midst of a kind type of developers hybrid «mnogosnogo» wheeled armored vehicle with a machine class MRAP, report publication NEXTER.

This «hybridization» minimizes the main drawback class machines MRAP «classical» design — their limited tactical mobility and permeability, making «everyday» MRAP’y machines applicable in fact to move only on roads.
TITUS made armored vehicle chassis Tatra 6×6, moderately spaced along the length of body axes. In the chassis elements used as demonstrated in 2010 Nexter XP2 armored demonstrator 6×6. In the basic version TITUS car has a mass of 17 tons empty, but in the version with reinforced armor combat weight increases to 23 tonnes, while having the capacity objection to 4 tons of payload carries the highest combat weight up to 27 tons.
The car has a length of 7.55 m, width 2.55 m and height of the roof of the housing 2,73 m Booking basic version corresponds to the standard NATO STANAG 4569 Level 2, but with the installation of additional modules of armor can be enhanced up to Level 4. Chance installation of special kit PG Guard to protect against RPGs. Mine protection levels declared on STANAG 4569 Level 4a and Level 4b, with all this patented design developed by Nexter defense corps SAFEPRO Tipo ensures survival of personnel in the car when undermining landmine weighing up to 150 kg. The crew three people, and capacity — up to 10 infantrymen.

TITUS - new armored vehicle 6x6


Troop compartment volume 14 cubic meters of machines, the modular design allows easy to create on the basis of TITUS machines for various purposes. Outside the contour are booking additional compartments for placing cargo or property totaling 4 cu. meter. 6-cylinder diesel engine power 440 hp Cummins (Likely setting motor 550 hp) and Allison automatic transmission provide car speed on the highway up to 110 km / h
Box switchable drive providing off-axis secondary roading. Supplies power up to 700 km. Exhibited at the first reference experienced TITUS resettled remotely controlled weapon station Nexter ARX20 with 20-mm automatic gun and 7.62-mm machine gun, in addition to the roof in the rear of the body on the sides are two induced inside the installation for 7.62 mm machine guns.
Currently, one layout made TITUS, and demonstrated at DSEI 2013. Machine is designed specifically for export, Nexter and positioning it as a class between the crotch promote the company to the market VBCI APC 8×8 and «normal» machine class MRAP Aravis 4×4. In case of mass production orders TITUS can be started in 2015.

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