TOP 10 most expensive military aircraft

TOP 10 most expensive military aircraft

M PORT found a newcomer fighter F-35 of the most worthy company doroguschih machines military aviation.
Create a weapon — a profitable business: what price would not put greedy gunsmiths, governments pay no skimping. In particular, if there is a speech about aviation, which is so adored by the western powers to wage war.

So, practically billion U.S. overpaid for new aircraft F-35 Lightning II. Lockheed Martin Company for a day or put before the fact appreciation Pentagon contract to $ 800 million.

In general, it is not so expensive for the Yankees: M PORT found several combat aircraft, which cost America certainly not cheaper.


The twin-engine, strike fighter USAF, who was born in the distant 80s. First among their American brothers crossed fighter and attack aircraft, being able to hit and ground and air targets. Received its baptism of fire during Operation Desert Storm. Is in service with Canada, Australia, Finland, Kuwait, Malaysia, Spain and Switzerland.

TOP 10 most expensive military aircraft
F/A-18 Hornet /

$ 102 million — EA-18G GROWLER

Previous version airplane Less guns, but very many existing electronic means of oppression. Growler is designed for the needs of the fleet. He knows how to jam enemy radar and interfere with electrical communications of the enemy.

TOP 10 most expensive military aircraft
EA-18G Growler /


This transport aircraft with vertical takeoff. It was he konvertoplanov and combines advantages of aircraft and helicopters. From the first he took speed, the second — the freedom of maneuver, dropping off people and technology in the most awkward places. In general, the originality of the idea claimed victims: during testing Ospreya killed about 30 people.

TOP 10 most expensive military aircraft
V-22 Osprey /


Lockheed Martin company’s Exchange tore military treaty in world history — we mentioned it first ranking. Another would be: because this F-35 — a supersonic fighter-bomber fifth generation.

And yet, at the stage of flight tests last word NATO aircraft criticized for overweight and unimportant traction engines. In 2008, hackers broke into the electrical codes of aircraft control.

After these problems, Lockheed Martin did not believe that the contract will run. But there was nowhere to go to the Pentagon — and «Lightning» is preparing to become a production aircraft.

TOP 10 most expensive military aircraft
F-35 Lightning II /


Sharp-eyed observer plane and rekognostsirovschik. Radar new modification increment terrain survey of 300% compared with other reconnaissance aircraft. «If necessary, he will hear, as Ayatollah Khomeini luschit pistachio», — joked one of the weapons the U.S. professionals.

While flying only two E-2D, which are referred South American fleet.

TOP 10 most expensive military aircraft
E-2D Advanced Hawkeye /


Future flagship of the presidential helicopter fleet already gobbled up a lot of funds. Project launched under Bush Jr., with the advent of the Obama exceeded its own budget by 50%. It was decided to reduce costs, but half a billion dollars surplus still used the helicopter.

TOP 10 most expensive military aircraft
VH-71 Kestrel /


The military version of the 747, thought to accompany antisubmarine ships and conduct marine exploration. Carries on board torpedoes, missiles, depth charges and other faculties impunity stun fish. Comes into service in 2013.

TOP 10 most expensive military aircraft
P-8A Poseidon /


Coolest military freighter. Delivers troops right in the epicenter of the war, the wounded and evacuate throws landing — 102 parachutist can jump out of the womb C17A at once. Now armed with 190 of these machines.

TOP 10 most expensive military aircraft
C17A Globemaster III /


Fighter fifth generation, the most expensive in the world. Was conceived during the time of war as a cool response to the Russian fighter that was never built. Now considered unbeatable. But his distraught price forced the U.S. to shift the emphasis more on a cheap — and steeper — F-35.

TOP 10 most expensive military aircraft
F-22 Raptor /

$ 2.4 Billion — B-2 SPIRIT

B-2 bomber is so expensive that Congress reduced the order for its creation, from 132 units to 21. One of the «beshek» broke three years back, so now there are only 20.

The main advantage of the bomber — low profile for infrared, acoustic and electric signals enemy radars. In general, to test this assertion by the harsh anti-aircraft missile complexes have not yet succeeded: while B-2 bombarded only backward countries — Iraq and Afghanistan.

TOP 10 most expensive military aircraft
B-2 Spirit /

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