Topolanek: 2008 in Georgia worse than in 1968 in Czechoslovakia

In an interview with the head of the Czech government gave Oksana Pelenskay with Ukrainian Service Radio Liberty, Topolanek said that as at the moment of, so 40 years ago Russian Union and its allies from the Warsaw Pact was mentioned oppression aspirations of the people to change their own political destiny:
"[In 1968] it was Russian imperialism, which feared that Czechoslovakia after free elections can throw the Warsaw Pact and expensive to freedom and democracy, and that is why the empire together with their friends and their armies had handed us so referred"Fraternal internationalist assistance." At the moment, it seemed to us that the Russian Federation has nothing to do with Russian Union. Yet, neaimperyyalistychnaya this policy, this longing of, to once again become a world superpower — very powerful. And there is a resemblance. "
Topolanek says that the purpose of the current of — not to allow Georgia to escape from the Russian political and economic influence and join NATO — is another point of similarity between the intervention in 1968 and 2008. Both then and now, have been put at stake the geopolitical and strategic issues, said Czech Prime Minister.
By Topolanku, the most significant difference between Czechoslovakia in 1968 and Georgia in 2008 — in the political circumstances of military intervention. Czechoslovakia was in a totalitarian system and the "Prague Spring" was all eagerness to political "thaw" to the "democratization." And now, said Topolanek, we have a relationship with anger against quite a democratic country, that has democratic government and seeks to take its rightful place in the global democratic community. "At This is the meaninge, the current situation is much worse, "- says the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic.

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