Transit blockade

Further the report states that from January 2007 Belarusian customs authorities inspect all Russian products that come from the Kaliningrad region via Belarus to the rest of the territory of Russia, also in order of mandatory escort ts, reports Prime-Tass.
As a result of these measures on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border segment is heavily are in anticipation of the delivery procedure and design outfits arrival of the convoy. In addition, this led to additional cash embezzlement for making electrical and control documents cardboard shipping products, payment of the convoy, also are in each idle Fri decision notice on the Russian-Belarusian border.
In order to resolve the situation on the Russian-Belarusian border, the Federal Customs Service of Russia in the midst of January officially applied to the Customs Committee of Belarus Council with proposals to resolve the situation. To present a day or Government of Belarus no action prynyav.Ministerstva RF Transport does not consider possible to consider allocating Belarusian side Russian permits for transportation of goods to and from third countries due to the fact that to this day the government of Belarus has not taken measures to improve the criterion of Russian transit cargo from the Kaliningrad region.
Earlier, the chairman of the Municipal Customs Committee of Belarus Alexander Shpileuski said Belarus cancels enhanced Kaliningrad customs control of goods, if our homeland does not compensate for the losses of goods that have not reached the point of destination and the "lost" in Belarus.
The Belarusian side argues that increased customs control was introduced after, as in the inspection found that the procedure "Kaliningrad transit" was intensively used for the organization of illegal importation of products on the area of Belarus.

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