Turks got hold of the Belarusian mobile outsider

According to the document, 20% of the shares will remain in the country and supplies on their sale will operate 5-year ban. Other stocks Turkish side will acquire half a billion dollars.
As explained in the company’s "best", the company will make payments Turkish in three easy steps. 300 million dollars will go a month: in the last days of 2009 and 2010 Years will translated by another $ 100 million. Display results 2008 annual income, "BeST" receive another $ 100 million for infrastructure development. During the following years, "Turkcell" plans to further invest in improving the network another 400 million dollars.
The reasons behind the optimism of Turkish entrepreneurs? Followers market in Belarus "Mobile TeleSystems" (MTS) and "Velcom" have a double 8 million subscribers, while subscriber base "Best" for three years of existence, and not also achieved 200 thousand. Even the Minister of Communications and Information Nikolai Pantelei admitted that the market is actually divided in Belarus, and today’s resource does not exceed one million subscribers.
Do representatives of the mobile operator "BeST" Taisa Pastukhova I asked: Turkish partners understand how limited the ability of the Belarusian market?
"I difficult to comment on any measures other side. I think that, certainly, in their work, analysts, before making such a purchase. We have no such disk imaging — that they had in mind when they took us. But for us, of course, is a positive step. Not only for the company, but in general the economy of Belarus. It is very significant investment in the economy pouring. In other words, apart from the actual amount of the transaction, expected more the amount that should master as an investment. "
Initially, it was planned that the state based third player in the mobile market will become "brygadirskim operator", which will meet the needs of the collective farm before administration. But weak infrastructure and is not allowed to bathe remote regions, and the performance of the connection does not match the price and service. Over the first four months of 2008, "BeST" drew only 3.5 thousand people, then management company finished making their own reports on the number of users. Total company currently has approximately 187 thousand subscribers.
Now the enterprise communication services "BeST" available on the ground, where a little more than 60% of the population of Belarus. For comparison, the scope of coverage area companies "MTS" and "Velcom" is 90% and 95%, respectively, inhabitants. Because as stated Representative "BeST" Taisa Pastukhova quite clear that a significant fraction of the investment will be focused just to improve the technical base of the operator:
"Approximately 200 million investment is meant to bring infrastructure development, marketing, sales, on everything else. Generally, we believe that, for sure, we have the first month — it will be a period such pryglyadannya to each other, and whereupon will have some work. At the moment we start to work on the business plan. "
At the end of last year the Austrian company "Mobilkom Austria Grur" acquired a controlling stake in the second largest subscriber base after the "MTS" mobile operator «Velcom». 70% shred in the authorized capital of the Cyprus Property "Velcom" — company "SB Telecom Ltd" — Austrians have acquired for 730 million euros. Other 30% of which belong to the Cypriots, can be redeemed in 2010 for 320 million euros.

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