U.S. Navy strengthen naval defense

U.S. Navy strengthen naval defense
U.S. Navy ship’s defense system will improve on the last frontier «Phalanx».
Contract to modernize the «Phalanx» Mk15 CIWS (Close-In Weapon System) cost 136,240,000 dollars received system developer company «Raytheon» (g.Tukson, Arizona). Defense system on the last turn CIWS is designed to defeat low-flying or high-altitude high-speed maneuvering anti-ship missiles (ASM), to overcome the other echelons of defense ship. CIWS system is an integral component of defense in depth and compound ship self-defense system of the ship.

Issued a contract has a number of options, in which case the total implementation of the contract price will be 231 million dollars. Implementation of the agreement will provide procurement modernized «Phalanx» U.S. Navy (80 percent), and Japan (15 percent), U.S. Army (4 percent) and Pakistan (1 percent) in programmke military foreign aid FMS (foreign military sales).

All work under the contract is planned to finish by September 2017

As the company said, «Raytheon» acquired under the contract price of 136.2 million dollars will be modernized with the creation and renovation of 19 anti-aircraft artillery systems (ORD) «Phalanx» and made four defenses from ASM «C Rem» (SeaRAM).

Contract in FY 2014 provided the option price of 94.8 million dollars for the supply of an additional 12 ZAC «Phalanx» and 4 systems’ C Rem. «

U.S. Navy strengthen naval defense

Ship ZAC «Phalanx» is with a 20 mm gun system with automatic radar gun that detects and destroys accompanies RCC overcame other layers of defense. By the time the true built 890 ZAC «Phalanx», which delivered 25 countries around the world.

Complex «Sea Ram» is created on the basis of sensors ZAC «Phalanx» «Block 1B» and instead automatic 20 mm gun has 11 anti-aircraft guided missiles «Ram». Complex «Sea Rem» installed on board new warships of the coastal zone «Independence» (LCS 2) and «Coronado» (LCS 4).

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