U.S. will F35 instead of all aircraft

U.S. will F35 instead of all aircraft

The Pentagon plans to change fighters fifth generation F-35 «Lightning» II huge part fleet of combat aircraft. And what to do — it is quite old-rotted.

In accordance with the programs until the end of 2020 should be made of this type of aircraft in 2443, which will be received by the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps (ILC) of the United States. One of the versions of the aircraft — F-35A — specially designed for the Air Force and will change F-16s and F-18s also attack aircraft A-10 «Thunderbolt». 2nd option — F-35C — designed for aircraft carriers and vypihnet F/A-18. Third version — F-35B (with quite a VTOL) will succeed obsolete «Harrier.»

All three aircraft are unified by 80 percent. Several hundred F-35 will be built for the eight international partners to invest in this project: Australia, England, Canada, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and Turkey. There are two other customer’s fighter — Japan and Israel.

Speaking about the validity of the creation and production of this aircraft sverhtehnologichny, South American military first mention China’s military power grows. In addition, the current time in Beijing continues to develop its own fighter fifth generation — J-20.

Earlier it was planned that the price of production of the F-35 will be reduced in comparison with the cost of past American aircraft programs. But from the moment of signing the contract with the «Lockheed Martin» in 2001cost of 1 aircraft has doubled — to 162 million dollars, which is more than three times the price of an F-18 «Super Hornet.»

The F-35 was due to go into service later this year, but according to the views of a number of professionals,may not appear in the army until the end of 2020. According to some media reports, its operation will begin after 2016. At the Pentagon, the total price of the F-35 applets currently estimated at 395 billion 700 million dollars, which is four percent more than last year assessment and more than than 50 percent more expensive than the original calculations.

«Since this example program continues to experience delays and rising prices, the need for its planned financing are unparalleled and make up more than 13 billion dollars a year for the period up to 2035», — the main control management in the U.S. Congress. At the same time, the Pentagon said that the price of the F-35 will remain within the boundaries of the initial plans, when the creation of the aircraft will go at full speed.

«At current prices, the average price of the 1st aircraft in 2019 will amount to 81 million 400 thousand dollars,» — said a spokesman for the U.S. military.

Price 1st F-35A at the present time is estimated at 197 million. The program tests of the aircraft, which should be completed by 2016, the real point is made by only 20 percent and offers the prospect of additional costs. The tests revealed a lot of problems, including excessive vibration, monitor failures and shortcomings of the pilot helmet hook from deck version of the aircraft (F-35C).

Also remain difficulties in the software (software), which, incidentally, contains 24 million lines of code, which is three times higher than in other software on the South American fighter fifth generation — F-22 «Raptor.»

After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 for the Pentagon came the «era of abundance.» Past U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates referred to its «culture of endless spending.» It was at this point and was made a choice in favor of the F-35 «Lockheed Martin» — the company received a contract at the end of October 2011. But now, to limit costs, the U.S. Defense Department, namely, considering the opportunity to make a substantial amendment to its plans to buy up to 2017 1591 F-35 fighter — their number can be reduced to 365.

According to sources in the U.S. Air Force will no longer be additional funding for the F-35 program there. «We will have to abandon a certain number of those airplanes that we were planning to build, because there is more to this program from any funds not received,» — said the representative of the Air Force.

The highest speed of the F-35 is M = 1.6, combat radius of acts — 1000 km (800 — for the F-35B). The fighter can carry two missiles «air-to-air» and two guided bombs in the inner compartment and four more rockets or bombs on the outer suspension.

In the manufacture of the aircraft apart «Lockheed Martin» participates English «Bae Systems.» It makes the rear fuselage.

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