U.S. will give shelter 7 tyscham Iraqi refugees

The UN Secretary-ovskogo Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Antonio Gutierrez referred to the U.S. intention to "very good step in the right direction." But he used the opportunity to again to draw attention to the problem of refugees from Iraq. The Commission estimates that about 50 thousand Iraqis flee their country every month. In the four after year Saddam Hussein’s Iraq left almost 4 million people.
People flee sectarian strife
Jean Philippe Chaves, a spokesman for the international organization for the movement, says that the problem of mixed entities was very More significant in Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s rule.
Chaves: "It is proper to say that Iraq has always had over the last decade a lot of displaced people — more than a million people changed their place of residence in different provinces. In 2006 decisive factor was the bombing of the temple in Samara, and at the moment we estimate that about a thousand people a day are displaced. "
At the moment, people are fleeing from Iraq, so as not to become victims of clashes between different factions and sectarian strife between Sunnis and Shiites.
The problem remains
So that the U.S. decision to take seven thousand people under no circumstances does not remove the problem of, the greater Washington has not announced who will be elected, and what aspects. The representative of the Commission Astrid Van Genderan notes that aspects usually follow — give shelter to those who can not remain in their own country of temporary residence. Shelter get people who fled from the country, with no danger of reprisals, or that person is particularly vulnerable to the disease in question, or the restoration of the family.
UN Commission considers that, for most Iraqi refugees would be better to stay in their own countries in the region, first Syria and Jordan, in each of which is presently is about 700 thousand Iraqis.
But the Syrian government has recently adopted new strict requirements that complicate the function of obtaining shelter.
February 4, 2007 Iraqi refugees in the consulate building top UN Commissioner for Refugees, Damascus, Syria

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