Ulyana Zaharantsy turned ’83

Uliana Zakharenko soon unwell and is often in the clinic:
Zakharenko: "Heart is very unhealthy. Where is the health that when I 2-sons lost and left alone. For me it is this trauma, I shed tears as I do not know where to put the soul. Calm down only when I die. According to another I will not rest. "
Now for Uliana Zakharenko cares and helps with the housework niece. After all, the whole family of Yuri Zakharenko for more than 6 years of living in Germany.
Zakharenko: "I miss you. They were that pay 30 euros per month and call almost every day. And Olga, this wife Yura and Lena and Julia. They were talking with me endlessly. I talk to them, and then go to bed already and not sick. These are my kids. I expect them to come back and lived near me. "
Now Vasilevičy town that Rechitsa region in the Gomel region visited defenders Volchek, Tatiana Ravyaka, Raisa Mikhailouskaya also mom disappeared cameraman Dmitry Zavadsky Olga G.. Came to congratulate Uliana Zakharenko, gifts and pass along to celebrate her 83rd day of her birth. According to Oleg Volchek, human rights activists has become a tradition to visit Mrs. Zakharenka a day birthday. Very important point is and help old lady. Volchek says:
Volchak: "Now, I asked Juliana Grigorevny, though Yuri Zakharenko was Minister Interior, whether for eight years at least some assistance from the Ministry Interior? Oppositionist he was not opposition, but it is grief. And she says that never was no help. That’s all the attention and care of our country’s those people, which initially serve power, and later forgets about them. "

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