Undemocratic elections already yavna

Views on politics, the electoral process — this first dialogue between the government and opposition, between the government and society. If that is no dialogue, the role of elections in advance with known end — stupidity:
"Opposition MPs in the House of Representatives should be. But every healthy democracy should answer the question: there will appoint Lukashenko real democracy? I have not seen a 1st favorite democratic movement, even in the midst of the most obsessed fans of the campaign, who said yes, Lukashenko will hold democratic elections. An example Kalyakin reads: Lukashenko appoint the one you want — feeble, to whom will be compromising etc. Liabedzka states: role in elections without permission — it’s role in the scam. These policies are fully understood, what’s happening in the election campaign, but order or other reasons it involves.
Analyzing the information space, applications of these favorites, I see only one difference between the electoral campaign and boycott campaigns. Supporters of elections they say: we’ll see whether this company democratic, then make a decision — boycott — not to boycott, shoot — do not shoot the candidates. Supporters of the boycott say: for us democracy campaign yavna already at the moment. Already at this point you can assess these elections when political prisoners more, when peaceful protesters are beaten in the streets … Talk about the kind of democracy is not necessary. "
According to political analysts, behind the scenes campaign in parallel with the collection of signatures and campaigning for a boycott is an active auction for the "special permit" in the House of Representatives. One example of such games is called the situation around favorite of the Liberal Democratic Party, former candidate for the 2006 presidential election Sergei Haidukevich. With a small interval of time acting deputy Gaiduchevici voiced all the possible options for the future of their own political: his intention to run, giving up the role in the election, hope for the collective will of the same party — need an MP Gaydukevichskogo must decide at an extraordinary congress in early August. There is information about the backstage activity and other deputies today.

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