United States began large-scale modernization of bombers B-1B

United States began large-scale modernization of bombers B-1B
U.S. Air Force started the most ambitious modernization of bombers B-1B Lancer in the history of this aircraft, reports Defence Talk. Installation of new equipment on the aircraft is within applets SB-16 (Sustainment-Block 16). Bombers should get new information monitors, communication and control systems on-board systems.
Operators whose jobs are placed in the rear B-1B, will receive 5 new high-definition color displays with the ability to display moving maps. Functional monitors will be integrated with on-board information system. In addition, operators will have real weapons QWERTY-keyboard and control systems.

B-1B also receive a standard communications system Link-16, namely, station MIDS LVT-1. Thanks to them, the bombers will be able to communicate with other aircraft and ground units of textual information, photos and video and audio information. With all of this may be pointing guns will create directly from the interface messaging.

The cockpit features all analog devices will be changed functional monitors size 8 by 10 inches (20.32 by 25.4 centimeters). Part of disk imaging with these monitors will be duplicated on the operator’s monitor arms in the tail section. First bombers pass through the modernization program from SB-16 by March 2013, then will participate in the program testing.

According to assistant manager Flight Test Squadron 337 programmke Major Thomas Bryant (Thomas Bryant), on B-1B bombers within the 1st step to upgrade to this is never fixed amount of new equipment. «These improvements will give us one hundred percent of new aircraft; this is a real coup, «- said Bryant.

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