Until 2020, the Russian Air Force will receive 90 Su-35S

Until 2020, the Russian Air Force will receive 90 Su-35S

As said Lt. Col. Vladimir Drik (Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Federation Air Force) Air Force of Russia until 2020 will have at their disposal about 90 new functional Su-35s.

The new development is forthcoming development and modernization of the deepest world famous Su-27 and its numerous modifications, which it replaces and goes to the troops.

By the end of 2012 six new maneuverable machines arrive in Civic Center aviation personnel training and military trials of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, located in Lipetsk. At the end of March 2012 on the municipal joint tests, during which the tests will be conducted and combat use, the company «Sukhoi» was transferred to the fourth functional serial Su-35S.

Now according to the approved plan Akhtubinsk flight test center Defense Ministry Chkalov performed by regular full eiap ispytiniyam Su-35s in all relevant modes.

In accordance with the agreement, which was concluded in the interests of the Defence Ministry, the creation of a new Russian Su-35s carried out in the aviation production association named after Gagarin, located in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The treaty was signed at the time of cosmic international air show MAKS-2009 in August 2009 between the Ministry of Defense and the company «Sukhoi». The total amount of fighters, which should arrive in the Russian Air Force until 2015, is 48 units.

Su-35s belonging to the fighter of «4 + +» is an extensively modified version of the functional and super-maneuverable Su-25SM3. A unique feature of this design is that when it is applied to the production of technologies for the design and development of fighter fifth generation. Namely, the fighter became the owner of the new wing, the newest aircraft propulsion system, as well as entirely new system of management.

The new avionics suite based on digital information management system on board and installed brand new radar with a phased antenna array, which has not only inflated radius of detection of air targets, and an increased number of goals that can accompany a fighter and as needed to fire.

Su-35S can carry on your own board an arsenal of aircraft weapons, anti-radar, guided bombs. Taking into account that the number of protruding sensors become much smaller fighter, the plane itself is covered with a special radar-absorbing layer and the pilot lamp on an electrically conductive coating is applied, the fighter radar visibility was reduced to a couple of times in comparison with fighters of the fourth generation.

Shared fighter is estimated at 6,000 flight hours in 30 years of operation. Managed resource aircraft engine nozzle is 4000 hours.


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