Until the end of the Su-35s will be tested for combat use

Until the end of the Su-35s will be tested for combat use

New development of Russian aviation gunsmiths — functional fighter Su-35S is preparing to undergo tests on the application of aircraft weapons stationed on its board.

According to the plan creators fighter tests should be carried out in the current start in 2012. Given that the design of functional fighter


allows you to have on board a wide range of existing, as well as promising aircraft weapons tests in their operational use will be conducted after the municipal and joint tests. At the same time this will be done upon receipt of combat weapons for flight tests. It should be noted that a long time is required for finding the tests on board


latest onboard radar and a whole palette of new systems and equipment.

By the truth of the moment in the Municipal joint trials involving six functional fighter four serial machines, as well as two experienced standard Su-35 and Su-01-35-02. It should be noted that along with municipal joint trials experienced one of the machines runs complex special tests.

Just sends over the important fact that virtually all the range of aircraft armament, which is developed and designed for fighter of the 5th generation PAK FA (promising aviation complex tactical aircraft) may be carried on board the Su-35S. The exception is the small amount of air weapons, which will be installed on the internal suspension


On the basis of that part of the tests that have already passed the standards of serial Su-35S spetsy confirm all claimed technical flight characteristics of aircraft and on-board equipment. Functional Su-35S has a unique super-maneuverability, as well as proven all the necessary characteristics for stability and maneuverability of the aircraft, which puts the Su-35S to favorites compared with combat vehicles operated in other countries.

The onboard equipment can significantly extend the range of tasks, and the potential for modernization, founded in Su-35s, allowing for a long time exceed all tactical fighters generation 4 and 4 + (this machine type Rafale and EF in 2000, upgraded fighter aircraft F-15, F -16, F-18, F-35). Fully functional decent Russian fighter Su-35S can beat South American aircraft and F-22A.


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