Upcoming Events: Wednesday, February 7

Lawyer Igor Rynkevich travel to Vitsebsk colony for a meeting with his client, a former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin. Almost two weeks reversed politician saw his wife and daughter, and addition time Kozulin had no information. Says Ira Kazulina:
Kozulin: "We have not received any letters from Alexander, but there are not a bad memory of what we have come across him. During the meeting, we agreed that this time it will go to a lawyer. I hope they will solve all the difficulties that appear. "
In the office of the Joint *** civilian party will give a press conference ladies united after vain expectations applicable public Presidential Administration. Press secretary of the UCP Ekaterina Tkachenko:
Tkachenko: "It’s about the judicial mistakes, errors and investigators on how to our country impossible to defend the truth. Ladies appealed to the prosecutor’s office, in Supreme Tribunal, the Presidential Administration. But all worthless. They report that stopped correspondence with them, and most of them have nowhere to apply. "
*** Logging in the village of Little Sitna Polotsk district reconvenes politician Paul Seviarynets who recently left a day or four with "chemistry" on vacation to her parents. Paul did not leave the house from the phone: clarify the fate of those arrested colleagues from the "Young Front" and debated with journalists. Even the answer to the question about Paul Seviarynets cooling associated with the situation around friends.
Seviarynets: "The new conditions are associated only with the amount of snow, slightly more difficult to work, but for the 18 months that I’m here, to this could used to. Much more difficult at the moment the guys who in the KGB prison, but Dmitry Dashkevich. Their is absolutely no freedom and the freshest air. "

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