V.Babkova: Life above facts, though of them and is

— Olga, you are currently in Warsaw — that doing there?
— Came to work in the archives of the old acts — an eminent institution, popular for virtually all Europeans interested in history. I leaf through the archives there Radziwill. After I leave on Warsaw street — and here is the fall! Warsaw and generally just for me … just … Well, it is possible to get a brain!
Simply indescribable people … And then back again to the archives and read about people who already no light on … But sorrow in my heart for some reason, no! Since all very shallow and so alive …
— Olga, and about yourself Tell the — for example, defended?
— I — historian and archivist. And for simplicity, stubbornly do not want to be a scientist. See history through literature faster. Things that I try to write about something that I think they quickly close to the historical, as the saying goes, essay.
Aware, from time to time life terminalyagichna impossible to find, and because very often hunt read a living language. First, for people who are about to utter himself no longer.
— Your arhivistski great experience?
— Oh: more than 20 years … Such work is quite magical. Since we actually resurrect people from whom have not even left nadgrobkav. And it has a certain duty.
— And for you is more like working with archival materials, tied to outstanding individuals from Belarus, Poland, stately principality or ordinary ordinary, ordinary urban residents, urban residents?
— People — all people: that the Chancellor that any charioteer or tsehmistry. But my specificity — work with documents of ordinary people. Behind which essentially archival documents do not leave. About their only one can read books in court. Curiously, their voice is heard there is entirely true. After all, from time to time they’re almost to natuyutstsa parts of ordinary speech. And you see what a different life through a variety of memoirs. Even through the names. Either through a description of some clothes or utensils in which the tavern …
That davneshnee life before my eyes and it ceases specifically through these pieces here. Life up any important facts, though of them and is …
Public Editor this week — archivist Olga Bobkov. Critics call it the most poetic historian of modern times. The other day, in October, she wants to remind again: History of Belarus began not in 1917.
Olga was born in Minsk, BSU finished the History Faculty. Throughout his life, working at the State Historical Archives of Belarus. Engaged in the late Middle Ages — XVI-XVII centuries.

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