V.Paznyak: Show on the case with Belarus

"And in fact it is not, depending on the change of president in the United States. Essentially the question is that in foreign policy, namely as for Belarusian perspective, in the U.S. there is cross-party consensus. Refers to the fact that, as a democratic state governed by the United States fundamentally approach to relations with Belarus.
Refers to the fact, Belarus should move in the direction of democracy, to respect human rights, produce internal and foreign policy in accordance with the signed documents, public and negotiated the country’s obligations under international society. I would remind even the point that, assuming the role of NATO in the program "Partnership for Peace", Belarus has committed itself to also be controlled by democratic principles. "
What would the emperor wished Pozniak the brand new U.S. president do about Belarus?
"Certainly, completely natural for Belarusians would wish that the President-elect possible quickly drew attention to cases our state, development of contacts with civilian society, supporting various programs of cooperation and normalization of relations with our country on the principles of which I read. "

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