V.Rybchanka: District commission composed of people power

Dweller Zhlobin, last police officer and now a businessman Anatoly Popov sent a statement to the Gomel regional executive committee with a request to explain why he was not included in the district Zhlobin Election Commission Number 40.
For sovereign Popov signed by about 370 voters. But at a joint meeting of Gomel Regional Executive Committee and the Presidium of the Regional Council Anatoly Popov was not included in the commission.
"As a result — said the managing Zhlobin district organization PKB Valery Rybchenko — district commission is composed of people who picked up the power."
Popov wanted to be at the joint meeting of the presidium of the regional council and the executive committee, created when the county commission. But information from the executive committee of the date of the meeting Popov received July 15 — another day after, as commissions were formed. This is evidenced by postal shtempel on the envelope. Nominee because voters and asked for clarification.
Letter to the same query, but not in the Executive Committee and the Presidium of the Gomel Oblast Council of Deputies sent Rechitsy resident, member of BPF Lena Agafonova.
The composition Rechitsa District Election Commission Number 44 of its nominated Council (governing body) of the Gomel Regional branch of the BPF.
Ms. Agafonova also wants to know why she was not included in the district commission. Tags: elections, Gomel

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